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Tour of Fidenza

July 25, 2008

Well a month and not much to say, until now.  Los Lobos, the single speed club I ride with, has a month full of rides called, you guess it, the Tour of Fidenza.  This tour is not really any kind of a race, but rather a way to get together and ride in the week.  They do four rides, all for points, but as I only made two rides I don’t qualify for anything.  

Describing the course as rolling is pretty accurate.  At no point does the chosen route get too steep and it is not really all that long of a ride.  Two hours at the most.  That is really all that needs to be said about the course.  It is the food afterward the is the real reason to go.

The first ride I attended, two weeks ago, ended at a Velodrome for dinner and to watch a race.  I think it was a 50k race and the food was great!!!  Dinner consisted of meat, noodles and bread, more need not be said because I really can’t remember what everything was that was served.  Jet lag and good clear memories don’t go hand in hand.  

Last night however was amazing.  The names of the food still escape me.  Normally one the guys tells me what the food is, what it consists of, and then I choose.  Dinner was big puffy fried bread with unreal smoked meats, as much as we could eat and could we eat.  The bread is unleavened fried bread and is served hot, and it is not greasy at all.  I am sure it is not good for you, but man it is good.  The meats are whatever the local speciality is.  Last night smoked ham, salumi, there seem to be endless types, and some random looking speck, or really thinly sliced baconish type meat.  All great to eat all making my cholesterol jump about 500 points.  I only live once.  

After that came handmade tortellini things.  I am about a 100% sure they where not tortellini but another local speciality, but that is what it looked like to me.  They where stuffed with cheese and served in a chicken broth soup.  Now if that sounds a little strange, one of the guys, Zio, decided to eat it in the old school way…..he dumped about a half a glass of red wine in the soup mix.  Not my idea of good eating but he seemed to relish it.  To each his own and it was very tastey.

Lastly we were served the meat mixed plates.  I love meat, more than about any food in the world and how the Italians cook meat is to be commended.  They don’t overpower the natural taste with spice and sauce, it comes with just a hint of pepper and salt and is cooked over a wood grill.  The mixed plates where lamb, pork, sausage and beef and I just wish I could describe how good it all was.  It seemed as though the man cooking knew just how I liked my meat and sent it out that way.  It was juicy and tender, so good in fact that I picked up the bones and sucked the last remaining bits of meat off of them at the table much to the amusement of those sitting nearest me. Wasting good meat is just not a good idea.  

Dessert was good, but after the meal a bit underwhelming so I won’t comment much on that.  

So to sum up my last month, no races, lots of pointless riding, and two exceptional dinners that followed good rides with great people.  Right now life could not seem better.  The sun is out and everyone I know is healthy.  Hope the few of you who read this are well too.  More when something happens, Ed