Feeling good.

I think that me racing well and feeling good is a bad thing.  Generally speaking after a race I reassess my performance and if I did badly I ride way more to get into better shape, if I did well I normally reward myself with good food and too much of it.  Well I still ride bunches, I just eat too much.  One day (doubtful) I will learn and get both the amount and type of food along with riding in sync and get in real good shape.  Okay, I can dream.

Aside from not being in shape I won’t be racing the first cross race of the year.  The greatest problem, no bike.  I was to have picked it up last weekend and have it all built up for a couple of rides, but that never happened.  Car troubles, life and just plain bad luck got in the way.  I may still go to try and pick up info on more races in the area, as there are likely many, but I won’t race.  I am a little unhappy about that, but such is life and there are some thing, not that many though, more important than racing my bike, and finishing in last place.   

As for what I will do today, who knows?  Bear (the dog) and I must walk this morning, then I have to ride then, we Bear and I, get to spend the afternoon hiding from our cleaning lady.  She is afraid of the old girl. Hanging out with the Bear should be less than entertaining as she likes to sleep, not be terrorized by vacuum cleaner and an Italian.  Good day all around I am sure.  Maybe lunch with Speedio, that is always good.  

Afraid of little ole me?

Afraid of little ole me?


One Response to “Feeling good.”

  1. wunnspeed Says:

    Nice pic of the old lady. Looking forward to photos of the cross bike when you get it finished.

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