Day off?

It was supposed to be a day off and relax, but the weather was so nice, sunny and 77 degrees.  Why would anyone want to stay home with weather like that?  Well I just couldn’t and now I am very tired.  

In the morning I am riding with several guys on a short road ride and if all goes to plan I will be home early and can take a nice long nap, or drive and ride with the Lobos guys.  I wish I had know about the ride earlier.  Riding with them is freaking excellent, good ride and then the best food ever, and maybe I could pick up my cross bike too.  

The frame has been painted and ready to be built for over a week.  I hope it lives up to my expectations as far as paint.  It looked freaking awesome unpainted.  Not much going on today, just tired.  I hope better stuff happens tomorrow.  If not I may have to chase Bear around the backyard to entertain myself.  

She doesn’t need that.  


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