A walk at the lake

Our old girl, Kinsey our dog, is fourteen years old and was recently diagnosed with cancer.  The vets we have taken her to always start with the same question, “What is your concern?” and “How old is she?”.   We always show them the concern, I won’t show you as nobody needs to see what her concern is, and the vets always look a little concerned and I can see the thoughts in their heads.  The dog is seven maybe eight, looks like an infection of some sort, antibiotics and maybe draining it would help, that is what I will do, then we say she fourteen and the vet always says, “It is cancer.” in such a matter of fact way I believe they must have run tests and found the cancer cells present two weeks ago and now are just verifying the findings.  

After all this the vets list a number of symptoms that the old girl is supposed to have.  Loss of appetite, difficulty moving, pain and lack of interest in activity.  All kinds of other stuff too, but these are the big ones and we always answer truthfully.  No she shows none of those symptoms, really she is as normal as she has always been, which honestly is not all that normal, but who is going to judge?  Not me.  




In the afternoon tomorrow she will be going in for a bit of drainage, pretty gross really, and then home for a nice long nap and a big dinner.  Bear doesn’t need to be terrified every time she goes to the vet by all the weird stuff they want to do.  Hell, when I get to be as old as she is I may tell the doctor to go to hell too, and maybe try to bite his hand too.  

What does this have to do with a walk at the lake?  Well, being as she is not eating (she is) being as she is unable the walk (she can) and doesn’t have the energy to go for long walks (she does) we took her to the lake near our home for a walk today.  Bear walked almost three and a half miles and is still looking for stuff to terrorize.  Mainly the bathroom carpets….. but that is another story.  For a dog most certainly dying of cancer she is doing very well.  As long as she is happy and walking, eating and terrorizing carpets everywhere I will be happy to walk, feed and watch her tear holes in our bathroom rugs.


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