It must be fall again, I am no fan of fall, it really is a bad season of the year.  Neither hot or cold, pretty or ugly, green or colorful (yet) really just a mish-mash of not very good weather with me really wanting to get out an cruise for a couple of hours.  I can’t see 300 feet, due to the thick nasty fog, out my back window and I am sure that the fog is worse in the hills above town.  Waiting for the fog to clear around these parts is like waiting for the fog to clear around these here parts.  It is not going anywhere until next week.  

Vicenza and most of the surrounding areas are know for the foggy and temperate fall and winter.  It looks like I have five maybe six months of waiting for the fog to clear.  This could mean I am going to stay at home and be safe or not.  I hate riding rollers or trainers.  Outside is so much better than training inside even in the rain or snow.  Out comes the orange jacket, the extra red tail lights for the bike and me hugging the white line as close as possible and cringing whenever I hear a car, truck or motorized vehicle.  I will get used to it and most of the Italians are looking for bikes on the road anyway.  

I will be off before this thing gets fully uploaded on the web for a two hour spin.  Maybe a little less because I am just a bit tired.  I am not “training” for anything, however I am seriously looking at two stage races for next year.  Iron Bike Italy and or the BC bike race maybe (unlikely) the InterMontane Challenge.  I can’t do all three, hell I am only a 37 year old slightly fat, partially in shape, half way descent cyclist (if cyclists are people who ride bikes without falling off on every ride).  So training is the wrong word, I am preparing to train for training for the training for preparing to train for being slow and a little fat.  Oh, maybe I am doing a lot of training looking at what I have just typed, well if training is typing about training.  Oh, I am still sitting here, no bike in sight still putting off the ride.  

Gotta go, Ed

Bear is still kicking it BTW.  HARD, because she doesn’t know any other way.


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