I raced I got lost and I heard things about my Mom

Yeah racing brings out the inner Italian in all the Italians.  I have noticed, stereotypically, that at races the Italians overreact to the nth degree.  Yesterday I missed a turn at a race because I followed a group or hard charging totally lost local racer boys.  We all missed a corner but for some reason, no one wanted to turn around.  I realized my mistake pretty quickly and signaled that I was turning left out of the group when I heard some guy yelling profanities at me, in Italian.  My first reaction was to let him pass and then turn around, but he guy kept yelling and yelling words that I have heard when bad things happen.  I know that he was swearing at me and this guy just kept swearing, then I heard Mama.  I don’t normally react to Mom things, you know get in brawls about mom because my Mom wouldn’t think it was was cool and wouldn’t be proud.  However yesterday was a little different.  He was still yelling at me.  I mean it had been at least a minute since the incident, maybe two.  So I rolled up the the offending green shirted man and smacked him on the back and asked in English if he had a problem.  At this point, the green shirted foul mouthed man realized I was 50 kilos more than he in weight and much, much larger in every respect and shut the hell up.  Yeah I never get that mad at races, I have fun normally, but these races in Italy have all had at least one, off the back Pro who feels like it is his job to yell at the American and make fun of his mom, and because I normally just pass, and leave the offending rider in the dust and let my riding do the talking it doesn’t bother me.  I should have done that yesterday, but man….  anyway, I may be banned from racing in Italy, wouldn’t that be nice?

The rest of the race was me trying to catch the riders who didn’t miss the turn and it took almost an hour to get back to the riders.  I finished way far back in 2:33.  It was a 55k or 34 mile race.  I added 5k for missing a turn, so I think I rode pretty well.  

Next weekend no racing just fun, I hope to ride in Verona with some non overreacting locals to see some new trails.  

What is it about these guys who hate Americans, for no reason, what did my Mom ever do to him, until the race what did any American, in particular me, ever do to this guy?  Yeah after the race he may have a worse impression of the Yankee, but next time he will keep his mouth shut.  GOD I AM TIRED OF THE DRAMA!!!!!!


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