Me and me alone

Yesterday was a 4 hour ride day.  Weather was pretty good and I felt pretty happy to be on the bike.  Having no specific goals for the winter other than not gaining 20 pounds, I should be having a real hard time staying on the bike.  Well, I am, and then some days I am not.  My motivation seems to be directly related to how much sun is out.  Hey, cold is fine, it is the rain that kills.  




Cross bike in need of parts

Cross bike in need of parts



So nothing else really interesting is going on, but I could make stuff up.  Or not.  I think and hope that I will be racing next weekend at a local cross race.  If I can’t find one here in Italy, I may go up to Germany then to Belgium to get my fix of being destroyed by far more skilled riders with far better fitness and who all smoke.  Gotta see, gotta ask the BIG BOSS, who is actually very tiny.  First I need to get my cross bike built up.  I am still waiting on parts.  I freaking hate waiting, but am getting much better at it living in Italy.  Everything is wait, wait, wait.  Except for money….

Money is to be delivered on time and fast, even if the bill is six months late.  Aw well, the root of all evil is how I will end.  I need to race cross, I need to find a race and I need to get my bike built.  Money.  See I did end with the root of all evil, Money.


One Response to “Me and me alone”

  1. wunnspeed Says:

    That’s a really sweet ride. Looking forward to the finished product.

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