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Too long, too long.

February 20, 2009

Too long and nothing to say. So I will say nothing. Sunday will be a good day, maybe something to say Monday. Laterdsc03795


Got a new bike

February 3, 2009

and then the rain started, and kept coming down, for two full days now. It has been a most depressing winter here in good old sunny Italy. The skiers are happy, but nobody else. Hopefully the forecast is correct because we need just a few days to dry out.

Otherwise life is as per normal, pretty good. Oh yeah the new bike. No pictures yet, on the next ride I hope, but it is an Orbea Onix, which is apparently a less racy road bike. I am sure it is far racier than my last road bike. Maybe not, maybe the old bike was just getting ready to collapse under me. Poor thing, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Getting the clothing order done has become a mild nightmare. I have to rely on people to do stuff for me, which I hate. Not that the people aren’t reliable, but I still have to wait for them. That and I have two people I consider friends doing clothing bid for me, so who do I tell, thanks but no thanks? I think it will come down to delivery time and then cost. I want to see the stuff. I like the kit so far, at least the pictures I have of it.


All that I have to say today, maybe for a week. Anyone who reads this (me) have a good day and think dry thoughts for me, because I will be riding in the rain.