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I have had a few nice rides lately

March 16, 2009

Garda Lake is soooo muuuuuuucccccchhhhhh better than riding around here. I knew that but had never ridden with anyone who knew the area, well that changed when I did a few rides with some single speedy guys from Verona. Good for me, and I hope to take a couple of my friends up there to ride some pretty good, almost scary singletrack.

So where to next because it looks like we have one more year to look around Europe looking for good single track and eat good food. Well Brescia was chosen, because a super nice and funny fellow by the name of Marcello was doing a ride up there, and I invited myself right along.

The trails reminded a little like some of the trails around cities in NorCal and Seattle. I would say nothing special, but over here the trails are great for two reasons. One it is close to a city and two it had real life single track, and it had rocks and roots and I needed to concentrate, which was massively fun. I will go back and do it again. The boys at Stella cycles are great and Marcello led an awesome Sunday ride. Three more hours next time. Ed


March 8, 2009


So how long is too long to post?  I think for me it is more than five or six months.  So, in my case and at least rationalizing to myself, this post is right on time.


I have been riding, sick and then rode today.  So really, aside from being sick, I have been normal.  Well, for me, normal.  Today was my first ride in over a week and in my personal little world that is a very long time. Being ill the same week it stinking poured rain was good planning on my side, however not riding for so long was not. 


Being well aware how I was going to feel, bad, slow and pretty well useless, I decided I should inflict my company on a couple of local Single speeding riding buddies.  I feel badly for that, but I needed more motivation and knew as soon as the legs got heavy and felt weak returning home would be too easy if I stuck around the house.  So Verona (really a small town near by) was the starting point. 


Leaving the parking lot everything I feared was true, I felt like a 38 year old 18 pack a day smoker with the legs of a three-minute-old baby deer.  Yeah I felt great, and I really thought about cutting the ride short and drinking coffee all morning long, but the good weather is coming and feeling good for races is a lot better than feeling like the above described smoking deer.  So the pedals kept turning and wheels kept rolling and I took pictures. My sorry shape doesn’t matter to anyone but me so here is the stuff that is better.