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Gads, been a long time

June 9, 2009

I have done 3 races and had a bit of fun on the bike, however just never felt the need to write about any of the races.  Not much to say aside from the fact I was decidedly mid pack and in one case had a wheel fall out of my bike.  

So what has changed, nothing.  I hope to race again soon, and have a bit more fun, but doing as well as I did in Cremona seem unlikely.  I am just trying to stay interested in riding as I am just a bit more than bored with what I get to ride around here.  Road riding is great, but I have seen almost everything in the immediate region and don’t like driving to ride, and the mountain bike trails are more loose pieces of marble covered with a slippery slime like substance, which while very challenging and noisy to ride on, is not very much fun.

It is not all bad, the riding in the Garda area is some of the best I have done across the pond, I just wish it was a bit closer to us.  Maybe this weekend instead of racing I will go and ride up there and see the lake in all it’s glory.  It is a freaking awesome sight to see and then to descend down to the lake from the mountains and have a gelato then ride back to Verona is pretty cool, but I would just like to have something like the Alpine trail, or Suntop in the area to ride for a change.  Of course the one of you who reads this will likely think I am never happy with what I have, but what is true is that I like what I ride here, I just like the trails in the States a bit more.  

As for the races, Finale Ligure was the high point, we took 23rd over all, which is not so good, but where penalized four laps total due to some pretty bad communication and luck.  We did however take 2nd in the Single Speed teams.  We got beer, nice, but I would have rather had the four laps and a top ten finish in the overall.  I had a bunch of fun, and although I only rode 25 miles, I think, watching and helping the couple of solo riders we knew and yelling random abuse at the other racers made it worth the trip. 

Riva Bike Marathon could be really fun, but the course may as well be set up for road bikes.  WIth the exception of a couple of spots the whole course is pretty easy and the real challenge is the climbing.  Well the climbing is hard, but an in shape me would have found it fun like last year, but instead I am a not so in shape Ed and found it very painful and boring.  I think because I was having so little fun riding that getting off and walking was easy.  Pushing myself just didn’t seem needed.  In hindsight I should have cared just a bit more and would have gone a lot faster.  As it was I was just happy to finish the 90k route with a reasonable time.  Only SSer, but who cares, I didn’t win, so I was just some schmuck who finished.  Oh, that and the course marshall who directed me the wrong way as I came into town ticked me off.  The guy was on the phone with his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever and directed me the wrong way entirely.  He cost me at least five minutes and a bunch of places, whatever.  I apparently cared a little more than I thought. Maybe next year….

Single speed Euros was fun, but my wheel fell out.  Nuff said.  The tour prior to the race was excellent and I may do a little bit on that in a few days, but the race itself was a big let down for me personally.  Mechanicals are never good, and in spite of the fact I would not have won, a good placing for the Single Speed Italy and ex pat americans was in order, I felt awful, but think I could have pulled something out.  Oh well, who would have thought, but Dresden is a way cool city, worth the trip just to hang out there for a couple of days.  Good people and good beer.  

Pictures to follow, or not.  Need to see if I can find any I like.

Isaac and Mike, great to have seen you guys, look forward to riding with you guys again hopefully sooner rather than later.  Ed