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Shopping and cycling

May 27, 2010

Yesterday I rode on some trails around Steilacoom and it was wet, wet and just a touch more wet, but really what did I expect, it was raining when I left. First ride since Italy, and it wasn’t epic, it wasn’t massive and it wasn’t really long, but it was nice.

My legs felt like heavy as lead, my lungs felt like they were burning and the rain felt really cold, but all in all it was pretty good.

Today is shopping for food and finishing up the packing for the race. Just to clarify, when I use the word race, I mean a place where I will put a number on my bike and ride in circle for several hours and then fall off my bike after 5 hours and stop riding as I will be tired, good results are not mandatory. Anyway, the race looms large and I am not sure I am prepared, well I am not prepared, but I will be there. So food, water and coffee are the important items after that is clothes for riding, shoe covers (I have none) and helmet. If I forget any of those items I will not race and be very relieved.

I am a bit unsure of who is coming, earlier monk3ymike was in attendance, but I have emailed him a number and was hoping to hear from him, but nothing, radio silence. Tom, tom the human lung man, should be there, passing me with ease, and a few others I am not expecting to see. I am looking forward to seeing people, not the race itself, god what was I thinking 24 hours, alone with no training. Oh I was thinking it might be fun. I was foolish.


In WA State Heaven!

May 26, 2010

Okay, it is raining and I am in WA State and I am totally happy to be here, but I am not in any shape for the reason I am here.

Two weeks of eating out and eating too much has let me ballon to 8 pounds over what I should be and 16 over what I really should be. I am a dumb ass. I eat too much, know I eat too much and don’t ride enough, partly due to moving partly due to the idea that I was not happy riding in the Veneto.

Willie arrived in good shape and rode in a Minivan really well, I may (god forbid) get a car or minivan (god forbid) so that he can’t see out the window, because he was so relaxed in the minivan (god forbid) that he actually slept. Crazy for him.

He is relaxed, strange

So today is a bit of running around getting stuff done and I have got to ride in the mud. Oh, it is raining, I mean pouring liquid sunshine, here in WA State. Can’t wait for the wet hind end and the mud in the eye. See some of you soon, see some of you later and see some on you passing my fat self at the race this weekend. It is supposed to rain this weekend at the race! WOOHOO! I think that means I get to stop riding when I get too wet! That should be about one hour after the race starts.


May 22, 2010

11 hours on a plane and then a 13 hour drive….

I love moving. I am hoping that the little Williemister learns to travel in a car well. Fat freaking chance. He will huff and puff and drive me slightly insane for about 13 hours. But I think the little guy will do just fine after he tosses his cookies a couple times.

How will I do? Badly I am sure. I hate planes and I am not a huge fan of flying so it should be a all around rotten day. Well then there is the 45 mile per hour speed limit, well okay 70 mile per hour or so, but after driving in the 90s for just a bit over six years it may be a rough adjustment. I will set the cruise control and let her go. Rolla her I come, then go, but I will be back again.

Hope the Lobos at the 24 hours of Finale are having fun and I hope that the solo riders are doing well. Hard thing those solo 24 hour races. Too bad I will be doing one in a week and I am not hard, fit or ready. Can’t wait.

in germany

May 15, 2010

for the last time for a long time….
Not sure how I feel about that. I really am happy to be going back to the world of no ration cards, no rationed gas and customer service, but I really am not sure I will like the people I have to deal with when I am there.

We are at a hotel that deals mostly with the Americans and if these folks represent the best the USA has to offer, we have made a huge mistake in returning. We will see.

Today we will do just a bit more driving and see a couple of castles and the best wife ever gets her hair done, as if she is not beautiful enough the way she is, and then we get a jacket for me.

One thing I am not fond of in Germany is the cool temps that seem to last year round. It is mid May and I need a jacket, who would have thunk it? Well me, but when we left Italy it was warm and sunny and I wasn’t thinking of cold and cloudy weather. I will never learn. Oh well….

One last bit of info, I don’t have a regular internet connection right now, you know one with fiber,  so if you read this it may be me complaining about something or it may be nothing. Nothing else to report, oh, except I need to ride. I have gained like two tons and am in bad shape. Moving is not conducive to training (not that I train). Slow fat and out of shape, that is my lot in life.


May 13, 2010

For some folks to get some items from our house so we can finish up that part of our moving process, but normal Italian fashion they are late. Well we wouldn’t want anything to change. I need to leave in about 20 minutes. It is a race against time. I bet we loose and have to wait longer than we can. That will make the rest of the day bad. People don’t care that we are late because someone else was late to an appointment with us, they just make us come back later.

Love it.

Packing up and moving out

May 12, 2010

Yesterday there was no latex anywhere, it was a typo. Writing on the iPhone with fat fingers is not good, but anyway……

Moving out is always a pain. We are seeing all the crap we own put into a truck and shipped across the ocean and hopefully arrive in one piece. The fellows working here are very nice and speak
just enough English to be funny.

What is not funny is how stressed the little guy got. Willie is not a fan of change, noise, or seeing all his stuffed packed up and moved. So he tossed his cookies late in the afternoon. Poor guy, but he has just a few more days of stress and then a few more years of happiness.

As for me, seeing the backside of vicenza will not be a sad thing, however leaving the Lobos behind will be. A better group of guys to ride with will be hard to find. Too bad that they all live so far away.

I would add a couple of pictures, but my internet consists of an iPhone and my thumbs. Sucks. Maybe tomorrow. Later gaters, after while crocodile, I am regressing. WooHooooooo, this time tomorrow I will still be sleeping…. If Willie allows it.

Effing late

May 11, 2010

I am sitting trying to ship my car. Waiting, waiting and waiting some more. Transcar is the shipper I used, big mistake. Near on 3000 dollars gone and this is, at least in Vicenza, a Micky Mouse operation run by some very bad people. I suggest never using transcar. Freaking unreal. You’d think her job was to drink coffee and have her husband give you dirty looks. I cannot wait to get out of Vicenza.

Better news, our furniture should be moving today. In a truck to a boat to a dock and on to our house. Cool, but I suspect it will take a very long time. I am looking for music on the radio all u get is talk radio Italian style. Here she is…. Just a little latex

Getting ready

May 6, 2010

Our move is coming ever closer and I don’t feel ready for it. Well I am ready to move to someplace new, but our house looks in complete disarray. Random items here and there, stuff I forgot we even had all over the place and me scratching my head wondering why we have half the stuff we have. It is a wake up call.

I have always said about the best wife ever and myself that we consume. We like to buy stuff, we like to have stuff and we like to use the stuff we buy, at least we did. Having to clean out every cubby hole and nook we have I realize that, and I speak for myself, have been buying just to buy. I think I need to rethink my consuming habits. I mean do I really need 6 pair of grey shorts? Well, they are all different types of shorts, some a little longer, some a little more grey, and they all look exactly the same. 6 pair of grey shorts pale in comparison to the (guessing here) 100399 sets of cycling shorts I have. Today I will start into paring down what I have. It will hurt, but I will be better off in the long run.

(Please don’t ask about spare bike parts, because I need those all of those all the time)

Now for the real problem in my life, the RAIN! It is, well at this exact moment it is not, but raining like I might need an Ark. It is unreal. The amount we have had makes my car float. They have been closing bridges and roads around here due to the amount of, not exactly flooding, but more like overflowing that rain has caused. Impressive, if I didn’t need to ride. I may have a little window today to ride for fun, but if the rain starts again, it won’t be fun at all.

If the rain weren’t enough, lose my car today. I still will have it, but the Audi is going back to the states on Monday. So today it is getting it’s final bath and then I will be parking it so it clean and ready to be shipped. At that point, I will be riding everywhere.

Whine, whine, whine. Woe is me! Well, not really, but right now it doesn’t feel like the Dolce Vita it should be. Hope all is well and sunny in your world. Off to clean something and throw away and or donate a ton of stuff I don’t need.

No pics as the site isn’t allowing me to load any…. the blind mouse is not impressed.

Gotta get moving!

May 3, 2010

Reventon, 1.2 million Euros! What?

Today  is going to be busy.  Working on stuff for the move, I have got to ride my bike, and adult decision making are going to make for a slightly hectic day.  Adult decision….. how can I make that, I need to be an adult or at least have one to ask what I should do, so that will be the hardest part of the day.  Finding an adult, gads do they still exist?

Milan was nice yesterday, and I must have done something right as the rain held off until well after we were done touring.

So a couple more pics. I am still trying to figure out what to put up and what to just trash.  I have, literally, a few more than 500 pictures of the Lambo and Ferrari Museum along with all of the pictures of Paris and a few of other places around here that I am sure most of them can just go away.

Oh well, I am getting ready for an hour long ride (way to0 short) then begin my day (way too long).  Be good, ride longer than I will and look at these.  What is that little blind mouse?  Pretty cars may make people look at my site?  Pretty cars with girls will bring in more?  I will try better next time.

One of the first ever! Pretty.

One of the F1 cars

Super paint, super car and super light.

One of my pics from Turin, more later

On the train to Milan!

May 2, 2010

A bit happier than this morning, but that would not be hard.

I rode the best, meaning the least disappointing trails in the greater Vicenza area and used for the first time in a long while a suspension fork. It is a White Bros IMV thingy. After the ride it stayed on the bike, which is saying something. It is not sliced bread, but perhaps a loaf of bread. Unfortunately I won’t use it again for about 3 months due to our move. I need to thank the BWR folks, Matt in particular, for the hook up. I can say after 15 miles I like the fork.

Oh yeah I paid for the fork with cash money and I am not getting paid to say the fork doesn’t suck. I hope to write some more after a 12 hour race in June how it does.

I am excited about the doumo in Milan and the last supper. It should be cool to see again.

By the way, I killed four year old girls with training wheels today, the 5’4″ guys on 63cm bikes, maybe. I only rode with one 40ish year old on a very pricey custom carbon bike and I schooled him like a chump. He must have been really hungover.