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As I live and breath

June 29, 2010

I rode today, two days after the race and although I felt pretty good I didn’t ride so well, either I am tired or I really suck. I believe I suck.

What am I doing in the AM? Well first thing, I hope to pick up a bike from a shop and then in the PM get smoked at a race, maybe two. I should be able to race fat boy and SS classes. It is always a good feeling to get destroyed twice in one evening. Be good, be happy, I am trying.


Still getting used to DC

June 29, 2010

Ack, so long no news, but then again news is only news when something happens. So what happened to make me actually type tonight, the best wife ever heckled me.

I did a race this weekend, the 12 hours of the cranky monkey. I was cranky when it ended, but not for any reason except that I really should have done much, much, much better.

A brief report will be just like this, I did 4 laps, stopped ate some food, the temps were something like 5,000,000 degrees and drank a whole bunch or water. I rode one more lap and decided one bag of chips was not enough and drove to McDonald’s and got a 10 piece McNugget and two orders of fries and a coke, god I needed that coke, and returned to do two more laps to finish with 7 laps, or just a bit under 70 miles, I sucked. I did manage, somehow to pull out fourth in my category, (out of seven) and mid packish overall. I will post pics when I get some. Oh, and I raced without any real help, me a messenger bag and two gallons of water. Still I sucked and should have ridden at least two more laps, I think I could have…. next time.

Next race, Wednesday! Woohoo! A midweek race. More later, some pics and all you all, be cool.

I am alive

June 17, 2010

however not able to log on at regular intervals and I lost my thumb drive, so why post, well because I wanted to.

I have been riding a bit, not nearly enough, but getting out, and I have pictures of some of the gravel roads to prove it! Yeah, I do and I hope to put a few up tomorrow. I did most of the Berryman trail, but due to two flats I had to cut about 4 miles out of it, maybe it was 6, I will look in the morning and I have seen some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. Seeing friends involves food, and I have been eating way too much food. Oh well, that is life.

I hope to put up a pic or two in the AM, be good, be happy and ride the two wheeled human power machine, my 5 year old niece can, so can you.

Porter Creek (in the rain)

June 7, 2010

So we did Porter Creek, a very nice and fun trail in the Capitol Forrest, and we had fun, at least I think we did.

It rained and rained, but riding with friends makes most things tolerable. It was tolerable, but I might even go so far as to say I had a really good ride. Rain or not Porter is a good, fast, and long trail that really should be ridden at least once a year. Does it rate as an IMBA epic, I don’t know if I would go that far, but for riding that is not in the real mountains and pretty much open year round it should deserve a honorable mention. Enough of my nonsense, here are some pics.

Tom killing all of us

The one and only photo where I was in front of anyone

I thought it was a neat picture

Sam looking like he is killing it, and he was.

Single track

What is the deal?

June 4, 2010

Rain, rain and clouds is all I seem to get. I really want to see the sun. I like the sun, and I like riding on good dry single track.

Also am I so fat that bike parts just disintegrate under me? I mean really? I wasn’t above the min insertion line (hee hee) and as I understand not over the weight limit so when this happens I begin to think about buying Ti.

No no no!

But on the good news front, this is what the trails look like around here. They are fun, fast and actually really ridable in this dismal weather. I hope this weekend to do a couple of bigger rides, but for now this little old Area 51 has been pretty fun.

Follow the Nick-a-lope

NO, more climbing on flat trails

Don don the strong man

These trail are okay though. Hope my mom is doing well (I don’t think she even reads this) and more as it happens. Me

No pics yet, I need some, but this is the report from the 24 hours in Spokane

June 1, 2010

So I was supposed to go 24 hours solo, but I decided that solo would not be fun, solo would not be a successful effort and I was feeling like I didn’t want to ride 24 hours alone. I did a team effort, and I am really happy with that decision. I can walk today, I can ride today, and I am feeling like a normal (for me) person.

How did the race go? Well in a word (after a nine other words) great.

Want more? Okay, I know you don’t but here goes. I rode a total of 4 laps of the course, all 4 were around pretty fast, well fast for me. The course was 15 miles (just about and for the purpose of this post it was at least 15 miles) with just a hair under 1000 feet of climbing so not really steep, and just long enough to make the rider tired. The biggest climb is called “take me higher” and is purported to be a five minute climb, but if it took more than a couple of minutes I would be surprised. It did kick up pretty hard at the end, but otherwise was very ridable. The next bit of notable trail was “Devils Up” and I have never ridden it entirely in any race, I have done it in practice on several occasions, but never racing….why? Well I think it is because the trail up the small climb is a false flat and I am spinning away at a very high RPM. I get almost to the top and either loose traction or pick the wrong line, so I hop off and run. Yeah, run, I don’t like that and it I go back next year I will have that stupid climb figured out (by loosing 20 pounds off my fat self). The only other bit of trail of real importance was “Devils Down” which after living in Italy (it should be called hugeboulderalloverthetrailaly) the Devils Down was easy as pie, just pick a line and pass the three or four guys scared out of their minds on a rocky section of trail. I tried to pick the hardest fastest line and I know a couple of people I was riding with at the time tried to follow my line and didn’t much care for it. Hey, I wanted the fastest straightest line not the smoothest line. I was successful, I think.

The rest of the trail was fun fast an just a bit rocky so I was really fun and fast. I really enjoyed the course this time. Normally I leave thinking Spokane’s Riverside Park trails are the worst things I have ever ridden turns out not to be true.

60 miles and 4000 feet of climbing and one happy me. Next time if I ride on a team I will have a geared bike (I say that now) and see if I can ride under hour laps. Everything I did was just a bit over one hour. Oh well, next year.

What have I forgotten? Yeah, that’s right, my team mates. I had six of the best guys to ride with doing the race with me. I would choose to ride with these guys even if we weren’t on a team trying to win a race, and the two volunteers. Our efforts would have been totally wasted were it not for the two wonderful women who did what we didn’t want to do. I owe them both dinner and beer or wine (whatever they prefer). Thanks to all my friends that I rode with and a special thanks to the volunteers.

(oh we took second, doing 22 laps together, had one flat one broken spoke. the result is not important to me, just the fun I had. except for blueberries, but that is a different story)

And what is up with these stupid ear plug things? I mean someone explain what the hell you are thinking when you are sticking these huge pieces of black whatever it is in your ear lobes and then have the audacity to comment on my outward persona. YOU HAVE A HUGE PIECE OF SOME KIND OF STRANGE LOOKING THING IN YOUR EAR LOBE YOU LOOK STUPID. Just saying. Oh, they used to show how wealthy you were, but what do they symbolize now? Most people I see wearing them are poor people who can’t get jobs because THEY HAVE HUGE STUPID BLACK THINGS IN THEIR EARS. Explain the logic to me and maybe I will see it your way. Really. I want to understand.