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So the problem is

July 30, 2010

well, I have lots of problems, but the problem with doing a 100 this weekend is that I am not excited about the prospect of doing the race (for me ride that I hope to finish). None the less I am still thinking about going. Why? Well, I think I should. Why? Because if I don’t I might think regret not going to the race. Why? Well, to be honest, I have no idea. I just think it is my lot in life to show up to races and get totally destroyed and be happy about that.

This time I think I will be smarter than normal and not go to the race. I am not prepared, neither mentally or physically and I don’t have the food I need, plus I am not excited about the prospect of going. Normally, I see the race and think, “won’t that be awesome?” but this time I saw it and thought, “man won’t that be stupid hard and I am not prepared”. So what am I to do? Be smart, do 4 hours today and do 4 tomorrow and then a mtb ride Sunday and try to be happy. I would likely go the Shenedoah (sp) area of VA and check out some trail. It is only two hours and I want to take a couple of friends there next week anyway and knowing at least where I am going might help.

I am pre-bailing on a race I never planned on doing, what a wuss! Oh well, there you have it.


Not writing much as I have not much to write about…

July 29, 2010

My achilles are killing me, I am not sure what I did to them, but they feel like I am trying to rip them out every time I take a step, so walking sucks. So going up a steep hill, that I sometimes have to bail on, sucks big time. The shock of hopping off the bike then the abrupt contact with the ground sends a shock of pain that makes me grimace. Not fun.

Due to that, I am eating tons, yes, I mean tons of ice cream. Which is tasty, but not so good for my girth (which is HUGE). Oh yeah, it is also making me think I will not do a 100 miler this weekend. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it, but I am a bit leery of doing the race. 100 miles in not so bad, if I can ride the whole race, but if I have to walk for hour….. that could suck. I will post a decision tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Pain is only temporary, but tearing off an achilles is a long recovery, just ask Bob, who is the Man, in case you forgot. More later and more often, I promise. Oh and my fingers aren’t crossed. The ever growing Me.

A new bike and new bike in a box!

Oh, I almost forgot. I got a new Cannondale road bike and a Singular Cycles Swift to build up. I had a Swift and sold it, been kicking my own but since then. Can’t wait to build it up and ride it around here, with a suspension fork. It is really rocky around here.

Oh and I wasn’t recovered like my last post said, I am now recovered, I hope.  My legs have little to no power, but is it because I live in a big city with little good riding or is it because I am tired due to stress with the move or what not….  I don’t know, but I have got to find out.

I am recovered

July 16, 2010

well, I was never really too unrecovered, really. The Ironhill 100k was hard and I was tired, but I think I need to ride faster and harder at the next race… well I need to try.

We bought a house yesterday, and to be honest I feel like it was not that big of a deal. I mean we are someplace around 750000 in debt and will never get out of that hole, but at least we will have a house.

My car, which I haven’t complained about much here because I though it would be a easy affair of getting the evil Transcar company, who totally thrashed my car in shipping to pay up, but they are trying to not pay claiming I gave them a broken down, dented and half destroyed car to ship… They are not correct and I think the only way to get them to pay up will be to sue them, which will cost more than the 3700 dollars in damage they did, but principles are principles and they owe me. Transcar out of Germany is a very bad company to deal with and they, IMO, are a bad shipping company. If it is not settled soon, I will fill in a bit more of what they did to my car.

I will be off on a ride soon, thirty minutes or so, but road or mountain is the question. The mountain biking is not good, but it is what I like the best, the road is dangerous and kind of nice, but the drivers here pass either really dangerously or they are way to careful and make a huge backup behind me and pissing off all the cars stuck behind me. That causes more bad passes, I need to find a good route someplace and soon because getting smashed by cars sucks.

Be careful, be happy and ride a bike, it is good for you.

A day like some others, The Iron Hill 100k

July 12, 2010

I rode 62ish miles on a marked race course, I didn’t get hurt, I had a burger and I am pretty sure I had fun.

So the race went like this, I went as fast as I could, most of the time and then walked way too freaking much up the hills. It wasn’t a especially good climbing day for myself, and in my own defense, most days aren’t especially good climbing days, but Sunday was pretty bad. I just couldn’t get the legs, lungs and heart all together. It seemed as if when the legs felt good the lungs just weren’t ready to work, and that led to way high feeling heart rates. I am not sure what was up, but nothing really worked well together.

The course itself was really fun, in hindsight. As is the case with every race I do, and it could be me, but the “best single track” is alway at the end of the course. What they should save for the end is the smoothest, fastest and least hilliest section of trail, but no, it is always hard, evil and straight up and down part. I would have to admit it is likely because I am nearing death and just wanted to get off the bike. Whatever, the trail was fun, if a bit rocky, which is something I have to get used to.

Other than the last few miles, it was, all in all, a pretty good ride. The trails are pretty fast and fun, and in all seriousness worth a trip just to ride for a weekend. If you get a chance go to Damascus VA and ride, it is worth the time.

I am doing nothing but eating today, tomorrow back on a bike for a couple of hours and then something else, what, I don’t know right now, I am sure I have something planned, I am not sure what.

I have a couple of pictures from the ride, and will post them shortly…. they are all uphill and when I took them I was suffering, so if they are blurry so be it. Later person who looks at this. Well, it is only me who looks at this, so later me

Link to race.

Off we go, like ants to a picnic.

Up we go and it wasn't just me walking.

It never seemed to stop!

One of the few parts that wasn't single track

102 degrees and a ride… not smart

July 10, 2010

Very hot

Some single track stuff

Hot hot hot!

A closed prison that has some trails

Trails around the prison

On my way home to some nice cold water

Two parks one ride and still not finding what I want

July 4, 2010

Today I rode two parks that I connected by a trail called the Cross County Trail. It seems this trail is a mix of gravel, asphalt, and some really easy single track and it runs across Fairfax county, hence the name. So why is this noteworthy? Well it will be my main source of local mountain biking for the next 3 or so years. It will be around 50-60 k’s of riding. I guess it could be worse, the trails are at least pretty okay.

Fountainhead park is 8 miles or 13 k of reasonably fun trail, which is all rolling, or as the Italians say, “Mange bebe” (and I spelled that all kinds of incorrectly). It may not be great, but is is not bad, then we have the Occoquan Trail Network, which is also okay. The best part is it is really smooth and pretty fast, it is definitely fun, but not technical at all. So what does this mean for my fitness?

Nothing, I have to ride to get fit. I promise pictures in a day or two, when I remember to take the camera.

I need some pictures

July 3, 2010

I am riding a bit and eating too much and having a pretty decent time.

We are still waiting about our house, and we KNOW NOTHING. I just want to know where we are going to be living in the next couple of weeks. I fear that it will not be the place that we are currently trying to buy. All things considered that is good and bad.

Next weekend a 62 mile race (ride for me) and I really need to finish it in under 8 hours to be happy. After that I will realize that I am either, old and unable to go fast ever again, or slow because I eat too much and like to ride, but like to live a happy and enjoyable life off the bike. So which is it? I will tell you next Monday.

Now for a picture!

No tonight, but soon!