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Out on a bike? Dare I?

August 31, 2010

I think, yes. I will dare the gods or god of cycling and try to ride, wait for it…., one hour! One whole hour outside on a bike in the small ring and half way up the cassette in the rear. Yeah, it will be slow, yeah it will look goofy (have you ever seen me try to spin) and yeah I will keep thinking, “I feel great” and will have to continually remind myself to ride easy.

Hopefully when I return everything will feel as good if not better than when I leave, if not, well then I will really have to reconsider what I do for fun. Maybe I will become a top ranked amateur video game player, except I suck at playing video games. Well that and I really hate being inside all the time, oh and I hate gaining weight because I eat way too much.

We will see, well I will see and someone may read about it. I will take a picture of something today and post in tomorrow. What, well I have not freaking clue, but I can assure you it will not be my big white belly. If it is, I will warn you in the title. Be good, be fast and peddle circles.


1:45 and I went nowhere!

August 30, 2010

At least I was pedaling, in my garage on a trainer, and getting a bit of exercise. I have nothing else to say other than I have had to bail on the SM100 and (with all likelihood) on a trip to Bend Or. which absolutely sucks.

I think I am healing slowly, which is the prognosis of this type of injury, which also absolutely sucks, too. I am sure that one day soon everything will be better and all this nonsense will be forgotten, but at the moment I am very unhappy with my own body, and I don’t mean the “love” handles (which I hate) and the weak legs (which never seem to get stronger) and the hairiness (which seems to grow faster and faster daily) I mean the constant injuries I seem to be inflicting on myself.

Maybe I am too old and too big to be riding the SS so much and need to look at a full suspension bike, but that seems cheating, but if it keeps me riding maybe cheating is the best way to go.

Tomorrow I should be able schedule an appointment with the actual sports medicine Doc and see what he/she has to say when I get to meet with he/she. I hope it is just go easy and keep riding…. I will know for sure soon……

If it is keep off the bike, I may have to ignore everything he/she says, I have always thought sports medicine was an iffy science, especially when it doesn’t agree with me.

Geez, can’t I catch a break? Well I am getting one whether I want it or not!

August 25, 2010

Well, no I can’t. At the 12 hour race I did some damage to my Achilles Tendon and at that time I believed it was just a slight overuse injury that would subside with time. It will, hopefully, and I should have been smarter and stayed off the bike for several days, maybe two weeks and I should have been all fixed. But….. well it is me and I didn’t take any time off and rode through the pain, and the pain never left.

So after some doctors advice and internet research (god forbid any of the info is correct, but it seems as if it is, because all the articles I have reviewed have agreed with the doctors advice) I determined that I have got to stay off the two wheeled happy machine until the pain is gone. That and move my cleats back just a bit. About 5-7 mms, not much, but maybe enough to alleviate the pain. Ack, what a year.

I tore a muscle in my leg in December, I bruised my shoulder in early January, I had the death disease (causes still unknown but it was like three weeks of near zero energy through which I could not even walk the dog) in late March and early April, hurt my knee in the 24 hours of Cremona (that I only rode for 9 or 10 hours) moved to the USA and then friggin destroyed my Achilles in May at a 12 hour race and know I am being forced off the bike for two weeks (at least) to let my Achilles heal up. What next??????

I want to be 21 again, young healthy and unable to be affected by injuries and full of energy regardless of what I did the night before. Youth is wasted on the young.

I promised a picture and I will post one shortly.

My last Mountain bike ride for a good long while

Hopefully I will be able to continue writing a bit as I sit here and wish that I heal up faster. You, person who reads this, be smart and listen to your body and take the rest when the body demands it. I will never do that, but maybe I will try in the future to be more aware of what my body says and listen…. I will try.

9 days of nothing

August 21, 2010

Really, I have been trying to stay motivated to ride my bike, and the road bike is getting a bunch of love, but the mountain bike. Well that is a very different story. I HATE the trails around here and the only really good ones are 130-150 miles away. That is not so far, a couple of hours with no traffic, but there is always traffic, and I mean traffic, not just a few cars. So that 130 miles is can take four or five hours to drive. Yeah, I know I am a whiny girl, but it is not a fun drive.

This month, and I hope to ride today, will be a good month of riding. Lots of miles at least, whether or not the riding has been good is not exactly up for debate. It has not been fun. I do enjoy finding gravel roads and riding them, I do enjoy seeing cool stuff, and I do enjoy learning my new home by bike, but there are things I don’t like. Having stuff thrown at me, having people yell abuse at me and have cars honk at me constantly because I am not in the bike lane. WHAT FREAKING BIKE LANE!!!!!!

On to hopes and dreams, I hope to ride more and post a bit more, and I hope to feel like posting more and I really hope I get to go to Bend for a week in a couple of weeks, I must be nice to the best wife ever.

Pictures next time, I almost promise.

Today was a wet day

August 12, 2010

It started warm with a nice sun but very humid, turned a bit cloudy but very humid, then to a thunderstorm with lightening strikes around me and thunder everywhere and then back to sunny and humid. All in all a very strange day.

I rode 5 hours and a bit more and waited under trees for the storms to pass for about 30 minutes and was totally lost for another half and hour. Also got sprayed with water and yelled at twice…. the people here are kind of strange. Yesterday everyone was happy and waved or somehow acknowledged me a nice way, today it was not at all friendly. Whatever, every day can’t be a good one.

Well the ride was more or less good. Anyway, just so you know how I am getting around without getting too lost here are my homemade route sheets.

Hope all is well in internet world, three weeks until the SM100, I need to be in some kind of shape and pear is not the shape I want to be when I get there. Hopefully your day is dry and not humid. Me

A ride.

August 11, 2010

A Burleys ride

August 10, 2010

Riding with the Burleys is never a good thing to do, unless you want to have fun and get totally schooled by a pair of the Burleys.

We did the Southern Traverse Trail which is a Civil War trail that the soldiers actually built during the War between the States. So, it has some history and stinging nettles and a very good final descent. I could go on for about another thousand words, but the pics speak better than I type.

Riding with these two Burleys is a good time and if you ever get the chance, do it.

Me, chasing as usual

This is what I almost always see when I ride with Isaac

Not rocky at all!

After the rocky sections, before the sweet descent. It got there well rested, I did not.

Good people

Katrina killing it