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Spent the week doing stuff I like

September 24, 2010

Not that I don’t like writing stuff, but I do so much more enjoy riding. This week was two 200k rides, one very easy mountain bike ride and one 4 hour road ride. Also one doctors visit and the official diagnosis was that my Achilles is “a mess”. Today I also go to another doctors appointment, so it is a wasted day as far as riding.

Well when I get home I will try to spin around for a couple of hours this afternoon. It was a good week, mostly, and only a few insults were hurled at me by passing in cars. What also made it a good week was that nobody actually tried run me into the ditch! WOOHOO, this place must be growing on me, or I am so freaking tired from riding that I just don’t care any more…..

A few weeks until we get to go to Missouri for a visit and a little old bike race. I hope. Well, I will be in Missouri for sure, I may not be racing. More and some pictures from this week soon. Sorry been riding too much to worry about posting the poorly written goofiness. Wheels down, helmets on, ride safe and what out for those cars.



September 19, 2010

Well I did a 200k ride here in the VA! And it was pretty good. The course was, in all honesty, really good. It had the really fun climb, 15% grade, literally under 5k from the end of the ride. That, and I am being totally honest here, expected and i was truly happy to see the the DC Rando club has, at least seems to, a sense of humor like the Settle International Rando club. I mean, you have actually ridden 200k, lets make that last 6 or 7 really bad. I like it, and if I wasn’t clear, I am not complaining, I REALLY did like it.

So I could go into the whole ride but that would be a bit goofy, but highlights are always good. It went exactly like this, I rolled on the flats and false flats pretty well, I feel that the couple of long grades that were on the course and did not exceed, let’s say 8%, were fun and I rode pretty well, but the slightly longer (no rolling hills but the sharp ones that are just long enough so that you can’t carry momentum) sharp climbs which had grades up to 15-17% killed me.

That was a long run on sentence that will be followed by another one right here that needs to be cut off and have me start a new sentence that…..Okay back to the report.

On the really steep little climbs I would keep the same mantra in my head. DAMN DONUTS! Okay, I really don’t eat them all that much, but the idea is there. I eat too much food and I really paid for it on those steep climbs. Will I learn and loose a whole bunch of weight? I would like to think so, but really I would say not.

I have often thought that the Rando folks are some of the nicest to ride with anywhere, and the DC Rando club proved that to be the case. It is almost like an instant group of friends to ride with despite them having only seen you on the course for five minutes.

The course itself was really really fun. We rode through three Civil war Battlefields and I felt that I really need to go back and pay my respects to those who fought that war and learn a bit more about what happened. Gettysberg was big and pretty shocking. I really need to go check that place out. I went as a kid and really did not appreciate what happened there during the battle.

Well enough of me, I will recap the 200k and then put in a picture of two and have some breakfast. Three hours on the bike and Football. Have fun and I wish I was the Single Speed Italy in Finale Ligure. Great course, great people and a ton of fun.

Good cheese and okay Salami

I saw a lot of this. Roads with few cars. It was very nice.

Not the best picture, but i life it was really nice.

Never really met them, just took the picture.

Hard to tell, but this is going uphill

Still going up

Still going up

This was what I saw right after the climb. i thought it was pretty ironic

PA State Memorial at Gettysberg.

The road home.

September 16, 2010

A blue house

This is how I thought VA was

Lovely view

Nice country road

Fences make good neighbors

No horses were shot (by my camera) but there are a bunch out here

No horses were shot (by my camera) but there are a bunch out here

What? NO stop lights!

Just a lovely road

The mountains are there, I swear

Looks the same, but it is different

The George Washington forest is awesome, but it is still miles away

Big fat me!!

No stop lights, not many cars, but I had to drive 100 miles round trip to get to Warrenton. That is the city I road from. I think I will do that at least once a week, it was just unbelievably nice. I had forgotten how good it can feel to ride when people aren’t all pissed off that they have to wait a whopping 5 seconds to pass you.

It was only 80 miles and only 4400 feet of climbing, so it wasn’t a world breaker by any means, but it was nice. Saturday I will be doing my first Brevet in 4 years, and I hope I don’t die. It is only 200k, so I should be fine.

My Achilles are healing slowly. I have ridden twice in the last week without any pain. First thing in the morning they are still way tight, but progress is progress. Gotta walk this guy! Later

Aaron getting what he deserves.

I am a Packers fan, but their quarterback makes me want to not watch football (american style). I still root for the Pack Attack, but with Ryan gone we will see how good ole Aaron is. I suspect not very. 6 and 10 here comes the Pack. MIke pack you bags. Fool.

32 months and counting…..

September 10, 2010

Everyday, all day, all I see

Where the fun starts

A flat, no fun at all

Hope the time flies, because so far it has been turtle time. I am tired of this place, I am tired of being hurt and I am really tired of cars, trucks and SUVS. Yesterday a man tried to run me into the ditch and he stopped to tell me why. That is unusual, but his reasons sucked. He claimed he tried to run me off the road because he “lives out on the road” that I was riding on and because bike paths are “everywhere”.

While I am certain he has two valid points, well at least one, he may or may not live “out there”, he tried to hurt me, and not like with words, but with a freaking Chevy Suburban. The only thing that is unusual about this incident is that the guy told me why he was trying to injure me. Later in the same ride a woman on a cell phone pulled out in front of me in an intersection where I had the green light… right of red never pissed me off so much as then, and I had a lovely person, sex unknown try to run me into a curb in Manassas. Whether these second two incidents where intentional or not is not the point. I hate cars and I hate riding every freaking day in traffic. I have not had a ride yet without a car trying to run me off the road. I need to leave this place, 32 months and counting…

still broken, still not happy

September 8, 2010

Will I ever heal? No, seems not, but I need to made a decision. Do I just ride as if nothing is wrong and wait to see if the Achilles explode or stay off the bike (okay I have been riding a bit, like two hours a day on flatish ground).

We are going to the Canaries for twelve days and the express purpose of that trip is for the best wife ever to get all freckly (she doesn’t really tan) and for me to get ridden off my friends wheel for 11 days. Now that doesn’t sound fun for me, but it is and if I keep up the two hours of almost no work on the bike I will be destroyed.

Skipping races to hope this stupid injury heals is really pissing me off. I gave away my entry at the SM 100 to a local who could never afforded to do the race to start with, good for him, bad for me. I had been looking forward to that race for, I don’t know, 5 freaking months. Whatever, I need a personal decision, and it needs to me soon.

I know I will be racing geared next year on the mountain bike, which will make me feel like a big wimp, but I have to make a change to keep this from happening again. I love SSing and I prefer it to nearly any other kind of riding, mostly because it is fun and is so much easier to maintain that any other type riding. I think the overall health of my body is more important than me having more “fun”.

As for the decision, I believe it was made the week after the 12 hour race where I wounded myself riding for the fourth place finish, I will ignore the injury until it heals or gets so bad I can’t walk…. I am close right now, but time off seems to not help. Yes, I have taken the time to let it heal, and no the time off didn’t seem to help.

Oh, and I finally have the official referral to Sports Medicine and will get their input. But as is the case for me, I will take their advice with a grain of salt and do what I think is best. Rest would be best, but…….

Stoplights! I hate them.

September 2, 2010

They have a purpose, but I think it is to make my rides slow and ponderous. I say again, I hate them, a lot. Yesterday I rode, slowly and carefully mind you, for 50 plus miles and think I hit a stoplight every 3 miles.

Other than that, yesterday was very hot and I was not happy about that. It seemed as if I couldn’t ever get a rhythm going and every pedal stroke was a square. So does that mean I went home when I felt bad, no I kept going. Why? Because I need to do some miles, not good ones, just miles to get the legs back into shape for Gran Canaria.

Yes I will (god I hope) go back again this year for another year of thumping by some of my professional cyclist friends. I mean they don’t mean to kill me, at least I think not, but their training speed is my race speed, so I am able to ride for a few days just a little off the back. But by the fifth day I am toast and leave with them in the morning and let them go where they want and I go where I want. Good plan really. I get to see GC at my own speed and enjoy the ride and they get to beat each other to death. For some reason they all get in great shape and I freaking just get slower and slower. This year it will be different…. not. I can hope.

What else? This is rambling and pretty worthless as a post, but Aaron, who is doing the SM 100 this weekend, if you stop in and read this, good luck and I am sure you can do sub 12 hours.

Tomorrow I will have a more thought out post, maybe.

I think this was the 15th red light I hit.

Yeah, I rode and I can’t be trusted

September 1, 2010

I rode for a shocking one hour and forty five (okay forty seven) minutes. What? I broke my own self-imposed one hour limit.

That is how I looked when I made the decision to keep rolling.

The problem is I think, and my Achilles agree, that road riding is just fine. Very little pain is felt when out on the roads and riding for a few hours doesn’t cause me to nearly fall over due to pain like riding the mountain bike does. I think it has a bunch to do with the amount of strain goes into the calves on the SS versus the road bike.

That has led to me thinking about a (gasp) geared bike…………………………………………………….. sorry I just fainted thinking about getting a geared bike. I’ll see in a few weeks if one is a possibility and if I would actually ride one.

Now a couple of pics from my last mountain bike ride and then I am off to do some exercises for my calves.

Double track

unreal views