A blue house

This is how I thought VA was

Lovely view

Nice country road

Fences make good neighbors

No horses were shot (by my camera) but there are a bunch out here

No horses were shot (by my camera) but there are a bunch out here

What? NO stop lights!

Just a lovely road

The mountains are there, I swear

Looks the same, but it is different

The George Washington forest is awesome, but it is still miles away

Big fat me!!

No stop lights, not many cars, but I had to drive 100 miles round trip to get to Warrenton. That is the city I road from. I think I will do that at least once a week, it was just unbelievably nice. I had forgotten how good it can feel to ride when people aren’t all pissed off that they have to wait a whopping 5 seconds to pass you.

It was only 80 miles and only 4400 feet of climbing, so it wasn’t a world breaker by any means, but it was nice. Saturday I will be doing my first Brevet in 4 years, and I hope I don’t die. It is only 200k, so I should be fine.

My Achilles are healing slowly. I have ridden twice in the last week without any pain. First thing in the morning they are still way tight, but progress is progress. Gotta walk this guy! Later

Aaron getting what he deserves.

I am a Packers fan, but their quarterback makes me want to not watch football (american style). I still root for the Pack Attack, but with Ryan gone we will see how good ole Aaron is. I suspect not very. 6 and 10 here comes the Pack. MIke pack you bags. Fool.


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  1. david Says:

    Glad you found somewhere nicer to ride. It seems like we’ve swapped situations. I’ve got MTBing out the back door, and you have to drive. Now you know how MTBing was for me for 5 years. Hope the time flies, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. Happy to hear the achilles are healing up.

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