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No pics but a quick update

October 29, 2010

Yeah I am still alive and kicking, I am just a bit out of stuff to type about. Days all seems about the same, almost like the movie “Groundhog Day”. The same day over and over.

I ride, I almost get hit, I almost die, and I either yell or just shake my head at the stupidity of people in cars. So what prompted me to actually type? I woke up way early and am thinking about going for a group ride. SHOCK! Me ride with real life breathing people? Well, maybe.

I need to write a report about a race, the BTepic, which was a really good race for lots of people, not so much for me.

So, I will put forth an effort to do the write up this weekend and maybe even post something this weekend. I have been slack with the writing and riding lately, so it is now time to change that and quit whining about everything, but then again this is me I am talking about, so we will see.

Oh, and my friends in Italy and Germany are all doing what I want to be doing (racing cross) but I am still on a NO RUN ORDER from the doctor. Damn doctors.


Egads, 200k and WIllie has a beer

October 17, 2010

He is just waiting for the camera to go away so he can get to business.

Well it was a very nice day, the 16th of October, if by nice you mean windy, windy and more windy. Yes, it was a windy day, and when I mean windy, I mean, really windy. In case there was any ambiguity, it was WINDY.

Before heading to bed on Friday I had determined riding the 200k on the 16th would be a “go” if the wind let up a bit, but did I listen to my own plan. NO. I got up and left in spite of knowing I was in for a long day in the cool fall temperatures and wind.

So as it transpired, and because I am always under the impression that I can still drive 160k or a 100mph on the autobahn…. oh I mean the speed limited highway (60mph or a 100kph it sucks) that I arrived exactly as the group of Randonneurs was leaving. It was just like the Civil War 200k, me off the back and having to really make sure that I didn’t miss a turn. But unlike last time I didn’t miss a bunch of turns, I just missed one, the second one of the route. It wasn’t that big of a mistake it added a whopping .6 miles to my route.

Well as the route unfolded in front of me it turned out to be a very pleasant ride. I had read this was “the Other Mother” implying it would be a hard route with tons of climbing. I will confess there were a few hills, but as a friend of mine would say, “this (the climb) is nothing. You must ride in the peleton and you will not even know this is here. Ed why are you falling off my wheel?”. That friend would be Frank and he rides professionally and would have scoffed at my efforts yesterday, but for me I felt very good and rode very well. The big climbs came at the end of the ride, about 40 miles from the end and it included a pretty decent 9-13 percent grade for about, I don’t know, three miles then a quick descent followed by a rolling set of climbs of a similar grade, really it was fun. Okay, fun because I felt good.

Oh and the best part was I had a tailwind all the way back to the start oh and I saw a Civil War reenactment on the way in to the start. All things considered I had a very good day.


On the way, into a headwind



The only thing on the roads that gives me a draft! A tandem.



Getting there.....



Going up the hill!



Still having fun






just rolling along



It was cool, lots of smoke and lots of yelling!


Man alive

October 13, 2010

It was a nice day yesterday, sun, warm temps and a good ride.  It was 43 miles to a winery to pick up some bottles of wine.  So the ride was for a good purpose, health.  You know heart health.

Not much else was accomplished yesterday, I rode and drank wine.  I am trying to think of something funny that happened but am failing.  I guess the funniest thing might be that I am planning on doing a 55 mile race in two weeks and am in mid winter form.  Now that should be fun.  Me all jiggly on a bike in the middle of the Ozarks.  Well, not fun for anyone watching me because I suspect that it will look rather unsettling.  Of course I won’t be seeing it, I will be living it.  Good times are in the making.

Well that is about all, I am a bit tired from (I think) 7 days of riding, and most of those days were on the MTB.  Today, I think I will stay off the bike altogether to get some stuff done today.  You know all those errands you never get done when you ride too much.


This is what I am learning to love


I meant to do this yesterday!

October 12, 2010

Freaking Fredrick Watershed! That is all I have to say. It was fun, hard and technical and unbelievably fun (oh I said that again it must have been fun).


A bunch of cyclist

This fellow can ride and laugh at the same time, I am jealous.

I was wowed by how much this guy rode. He has some serious skills.

This was one of the few places where the trail was dirt.

It is a bike shot through my jersey pocket

Don'y know where and when but I am sure I was smiling.


I had a very good time and am looking forward to returning. It was fun to ride with people and it was fun to see people ride lines that I never saw. I tired a few and failed badly, but I did clean a couple and in spite of the fact it seemed old hat to most of the folks riding, to me it was several small victories.

Some other pictures I saved from the Crash of 2010

October 8, 2010


Kinsey just waiting to run away so I could chase her



Me laugh? Yes and heartily sometimes.



I do love riding there, in spite of the rain.



October 8, 2010

Is very very good. I like oatmeal. I like it every morning and I eat it almost every morning, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well nothing, but it is the only part of the day that I can control and can make as good as I want. Too sugary, good, too dry add some milk, too wet, well I like it a bit watery, so that is good too.

The problem is as I leave the door of my house for a ride, to run errands or just to get out of my house to get out of the house I am at the mercy of a lot of other people. I realize everyone is, but around here it seems that there are too many people.

Every ride I am nearly hit by one or more drivers, normally on cell phones, and being at the mercy of idiots on cell phones seems to be a little much to ask of me. I hate driving to ride, but it is becoming more and more likely that I will be driving to ride, both road and mountain bikes. Not my idea of what riding is supposed to be like.

Have I been spoiled to live in places that have good road riding out of my door, a bit, have I been spoiled to have had sub par mountain bike riding out of my door that was at least literally out of my door? Well yes and yes.

Here I have neither good or sub par riding, I do however have tons of opportunities to ride with clubs, at new locations that I would have to drive to in any case, so I am going to start trying to ride with these people. I have been riding alone (don’t get me wrong I rode the the Lobos on occasion) so often that this will be a new experience (and they all speak English!!!!!!!!). I will hopefully have some more happy things to write about in the near future.

I am off to the George Washington National Forrest this weekend for a ride with a club…… pictures? Maybe, fun, I hope so. Be good out there, ride safe, I will be ducking and dodging cars. It is good for the adrenaline rush, bad for my life.

More good stuff

October 7, 2010

We had our leaking roof fixed, we hope. The guy who did it double billed us. Cool. That is a lot of money that we have to contest and hope we get the cash back.

I found out as I was riding in the wind and wind and wind. Fun, I love wind. It is so much worse here that even in Gran Canaria. That is some good wind. Oh, and it was uphill both ways….

Good stuff?


Still thinking……….

Oh, Willie and I had two good walks and he almost (though I really think that he just likes to chase them) caught a squirrel. He had fun, at least. L8r sk8er

Okay, heres the skinny

October 7, 2010


The only photo on this computer, miss the old girl.


Rain, rain, rain for a week. Then computer crashes, total hard drive. 8 days past warranty…. Apple replaces for free, cool! Back up hard drive, from Apple, crashes and no longer stores info, now no longer in the house. Trying to ride bike, don’t have much motivation, can’t race cross…. ACHILLES I HATE YOU. Want to do Iron Cross, a race in PA, but I gave away too much stuff in Italy and can’t build up a complete Cross bike…. my own fault, but still. Had a very good mountain bike ride, shockingly here in DC. Weather was good, trails tacky, bike rigid, good ride, in DC….. Now what, roof leaks need to fix, that sucks. Wait all day for for repair people, they fix house, good. Try to ride, vest zipper breaks, I was cold, I came home…. I need to get ready for the Berryman Epic, I won’t quit, but i may take 10 hours and need lights….. It will get better, I will get riding more and better things will happen. I will ride tomorrow, mid 70s and sun, finally.