Is very very good. I like oatmeal. I like it every morning and I eat it almost every morning, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well nothing, but it is the only part of the day that I can control and can make as good as I want. Too sugary, good, too dry add some milk, too wet, well I like it a bit watery, so that is good too.

The problem is as I leave the door of my house for a ride, to run errands or just to get out of my house to get out of the house I am at the mercy of a lot of other people. I realize everyone is, but around here it seems that there are too many people.

Every ride I am nearly hit by one or more drivers, normally on cell phones, and being at the mercy of idiots on cell phones seems to be a little much to ask of me. I hate driving to ride, but it is becoming more and more likely that I will be driving to ride, both road and mountain bikes. Not my idea of what riding is supposed to be like.

Have I been spoiled to live in places that have good road riding out of my door, a bit, have I been spoiled to have had sub par mountain bike riding out of my door that was at least literally out of my door? Well yes and yes.

Here I have neither good or sub par riding, I do however have tons of opportunities to ride with clubs, at new locations that I would have to drive to in any case, so I am going to start trying to ride with these people. I have been riding alone (don’t get me wrong I rode the the Lobos on occasion) so often that this will be a new experience (and they all speak English!!!!!!!!). I will hopefully have some more happy things to write about in the near future.

I am off to the George Washington National Forrest this weekend for a ride with a club…… pictures? Maybe, fun, I hope so. Be good out there, ride safe, I will be ducking and dodging cars. It is good for the adrenaline rush, bad for my life.


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