Tomorrow post and some more pictures

I have done a few ride, I have a few pictures and some complaining to do, maybe. We will see how much coffee I drink pre typing.

Willie is visiting my parents and he is missed already. I saw him this morning last at 0815. Does he miss us? Doubtful.



2 Responses to “Tomorrow post and some more pictures”

  1. Spiedo Says:


  2. Your Old Man Says:

    Willie is fine and has taken charge of the home. Has us catering to his desires. Smart pup “can’t say “d-g”” with your nieces — just walks away and hides or jumps on our (mine amd Mom’s) lap.

    Walks are long and now knows the way back home. Even…, sleeping on our bed. Remember my rule for my 3 previous pups “No Dog on Furniture.” Well, out the window too.

    Have some great rides on the island.

    Auf dein ruckfart nach Deutchalnd ess ein currywurst und pomme frites plus bitte, ein broetchen mit butter auch, bitte. Vieleich ein bier oder zwei, drei….

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