Okay, okay, I kind of lied

I had no rage yesterday, and still no rage today, what the face is wrong with me? Well, in a couple of days I get to ride with some very good friends who will abuse the daylights out of me and I will (most of the time) enjoy the time. I also had a bunch of little errands to run and never really got on my bike yesterday to build the rage and I met up with a friend from the Army days, so all in all not so much to get all angry about.

This morning was a little pre-Turkyday ride, and it was pretty mellow, and I had a decent time. It was on some of the easiest trails that exist, and I mean these trails are easily ridden on a cross bike and make me feel all kinds of smooth when I ride rigid. Fun, well Laurel Hill is not really fun, but it was riding. So it was a good idea to get up early and ride.

Last Sunday we rode a place called Wolf Gap in the GeeDub National Forest and it was the first time I rode on the trails where I felt like the descending was worth the climbing. So either I am getting used to these crazy rocks, or the area we rode was just fun. I don’t know.

A bit of rigid fun, not for him, but me. I had a Sus fork

Looks fun, and it is.

The signs says one thing, reality was a bit different

Another ride i did was at Patapsco or some such name, it was a bit like the mid-west, fast and a bit of flow and just a touch of small rock gardens, so I felt pretty much at home. It was fun. I should find some rage about the ride, but really the problem was getting there, the ride itself was pretty good.

Traffic, traffic and more traffic!

It is fall and fall is pretty

It is a steep roll down, I took pictures and did not ride it. I am a loser.

I don't know if you can read the sign.

That is all for now, I hope to have some rage next week, if not you all might think I am getting soft. I am….


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