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Gotta go somewhere to ride!

December 20, 2010

Do I leave the wife at home alone (with a shotgun and several handguns for protection, we believe in the second amendment) or do I STFU and ride here where it is COLD and I am going to be COLD and toughen up my little girls attitude toward the weather. I think my niece is tougher than I am right now, she wants to play outside, me I want to hide in the closet until spring comes.

Headaches have been plaguing me lately, which is not pleasant. Normally I don’t take Advil but last night the skull felt as if my brains were trying to blow out of my ears and force the sutures on my skull to crack open to relieve the pressure. So I took 800mgs. Did it help? No. So I am wondering if my lack of outdoor time has led me to this sorry state of health.

Today I will find out. An indoor trainer or a ride outside will happen today. It must, I feel badly, I haven’t been exercising on a regular basis and I don’t have my normal vim and vigor, so (and because I never get sick) lack of exercise is the culprit.

On the better news front, ummmmm, well I have none. Right now not much good is going on, so next time good news I promise.

I want to go back to GC!!!!!


-3 or 27ish maybe a bit colder

December 19, 2010

Yeah, I am typing not riding. Let me tell you, I do not want to go outside to even walk the dog, much less ride a bike. Winter is the worst and this winter seems to be worse than most I have dealt with in recent memory. Either I am weak and mentally unable to combat the elements or I am not in any mood to ride. Well both really.

I have to get out and ride soon because I am rapidly becoming a Jabba the Hutt sized couch potato. It just needs to break freezing for me to get out there. I looked at the weather forecast a couple of days ago and today was supposed to be sunny and 4 (aka 40 degrees) and I had prepared myself for that, but todays high will be -3. Right now it is -4.5 or so…… I am not pleased.

The weather sucks everywhere I have friends and I, likely, have the best of the bad weather, but trust me, if I had Frank or Stefano, Marcello, Mario, Bob, Dale, Arj (a name I haven’t thought of in a long time) Teresa, Greg or the other Greg to ride with, would I go? Well, yes, of course. But I don’t have any of those people here and until I find my new group of riding friends able to call me out and make me ride, I will continue to bail on myself and feel like a worthless lump of fat.

Off to the trainer….. as if that is better than riding outdoors…… okay it is not, but at least it is warm……. I suck.

Home again, home again,

December 11, 2010

thank God almighty, home at last…… and off I go to get Willie from the parents in Missouri…. hopefully meeting somewhere in between here and Missouri. Ohio is nice, but I would like to maybe meet dad a little closer to Mid-Mo! YO, because he has a crazy little guy with him that I want back.

My Audi is acting up, which surprises nobody, me included. Wednesday she goes in for some work. I want it fixed. I want all the work done the Italians didn’t do done and I want here to quit making funny noises that it shouldn’t make. It may be to trade her in and get something that sucks gas for fun, a SUV, I am in America after all. So if any of you have a line on a 1994 Montero white with grey interior send me an email. I want one. Be good and I will be updating a bit more regularly, I ate too much on vacation…..

He is coming home!!!!!

A few good rides, now I am not feeling it! At all.

December 5, 2010

Well I am about as done with being here as is possible, really. I do enjoy being here, but I am absolutely beyond sick to death of the people at the hotel. I have never been around a more rude group of people in my life. Germans are, in general, orderly and not kind, but at least cordial people. The folks here are just plain rude and worthless sacks of human waste. I have NEVER been surrounded by so many people I would rather never have seen.

It is not that I hate Germans, the opposite actually, I have always really liked Germans, but I am just not sure what possesses these people to act in the way they are. The feelings that I have presently are a bit of confusion, and a bit of anger.

I am confused as I really want to be here and I really want to ride, but not being able to sleep until well after 1130 every night due to the shows (for lack of a better term) that the hotel has for the guests. Bad music, bad music and worse music. Did I mention the music was bad? I feel tired and not just my usual I am up to late playing Xbox tired, but real life worn out. Oh, and I am not riding as badly as I normally feel I do, so the riding is fine…. but I don’t want to ride.

Why don’t I want to ride? Really I don’t know, I just don’t. I am not sure that it has to do with anything here, Frank is fun to ride with, and he does like to do good rides and never makes me feel as if I am holding him up, and I am, so it is not Frank. It is just something about here this time. I don’t know…. I am not having fun. I feel like I need to hide from these people, they are really getting on my nerves.

The guest are just RUDE, and even if they shouldn’t have any bearing on my vacation, they do….. Zee Germanz need to freaking relax. I need to get the hell away from Zee Germanz…. I would really like to be in Virginia (gasp shock horror) and surrounded by stupid and fat Americans. I miss the stupid and fat Americans. At least they are not supposed to have manners.

December 3, 2010

I try hard, and always get there, but it is hard....

This is about 1/2 way up the mountain, it is going to be a long day!

The hammer is dropped again, as Frank goes, and the hammer was dropped on my head.

Why the Face? 225 or so miles in 4 days

December 3, 2010

Well, good riding is better than no riding and riding in Gran Canaria is good riding, though the first two days where underwater, nearly literally. It has been good to ride with Frank for the last week, but I do think he misses the company of people a bit faster than me.

Tomorrow a faster rider comes to the island to ride with us and the pace of the rides will pick up considerably. Well, for Frank at least. I will just keep riding along at my own pace and do my own rides but leaving with Frank and Michael. What does this mean for me, really? It means more pictures and a few more stops to enjoy the views and maybe a lunch or two with Melissa.

I am tired, not of riding, and totally drained right now. We are having a rest day, following what was for me a very good ride. I, at least I think, had a pretty good day on the bike yesterday. We went over the top of the island, so did the longest climb here in GC. I had forgotten, whether intentionally or just via selective memory, how freaking hard the climb starts. The start of the climb to go over the top, starts after having ridden up another section of climbing that is 22k long with, really I am not sure, but something like 4400 feet of climbing. So 14 miles and a whole lot of up. Then the real fun starts, for another 3000 feet of gain to the top. It seems that the first 2 miles of climbing are between 11-13 percent the entire way, and the stretch of 8 percent that follows the initial 2 miles is almost a descent. Anyway, the day ended with me nearly collapsed on the bike after 75 miles and 8800 total feet of climbing. Yeah, good day, lots of up and I am still fat.

Was it fun? Well right now as I try to recover from the ride yesterday the the three before it i would say, no. But I am sure in hindsight, like 6 years from now these rides will have been great.

I will try to attach pics in a moment.

December 1, 2010

First time in 4 years I have seen any water falls

It is unreal how amazing it is here on the island

Gran Canaria update 1

December 1, 2010

Getting dropped and brutalized all day long. Tough riding with people that are really that much faster than you.

I tried to upload a few pics of how lovely it is here, but the internet is so bad it just closed down my connection, too much info. I am having fun, in spite of realizing all the work I do to keep up with Frank is pointless, he can drop at any time. Oh well.

In any case it was 30C today, very nice riding weather. Tomorrow we go over the highest point of the Island, should be fun. I will try to upload a couple of pictures, but have my doubts that they will post.

If you are reading this and think now is the time to rob my house, give it a shot. My dad is sitting there with his massive handgun collection just looking for a reason to have some target practice. The last time he had a moving target was Vietnam, good luck, he is a good shot.