Gran Canaria update 1

Getting dropped and brutalized all day long. Tough riding with people that are really that much faster than you.

I tried to upload a few pics of how lovely it is here, but the internet is so bad it just closed down my connection, too much info. I am having fun, in spite of realizing all the work I do to keep up with Frank is pointless, he can drop at any time. Oh well.

In any case it was 30C today, very nice riding weather. Tomorrow we go over the highest point of the Island, should be fun. I will try to upload a couple of pictures, but have my doubts that they will post.

If you are reading this and think now is the time to rob my house, give it a shot. My dad is sitting there with his massive handgun collection just looking for a reason to have some target practice. The last time he had a moving target was Vietnam, good luck, he is a good shot.


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