-3 or 27ish maybe a bit colder

Yeah, I am typing not riding. Let me tell you, I do not want to go outside to even walk the dog, much less ride a bike. Winter is the worst and this winter seems to be worse than most I have dealt with in recent memory. Either I am weak and mentally unable to combat the elements or I am not in any mood to ride. Well both really.

I have to get out and ride soon because I am rapidly becoming a Jabba the Hutt sized couch potato. It just needs to break freezing for me to get out there. I looked at the weather forecast a couple of days ago and today was supposed to be sunny and 4 (aka 40 degrees) and I had prepared myself for that, but todays high will be -3. Right now it is -4.5 or so…… I am not pleased.

The weather sucks everywhere I have friends and I, likely, have the best of the bad weather, but trust me, if I had Frank or Stefano, Marcello, Mario, Bob, Dale, Arj (a name I haven’t thought of in a long time) Teresa, Greg or the other Greg to ride with, would I go? Well, yes, of course. But I don’t have any of those people here and until I find my new group of riding friends able to call me out and make me ride, I will continue to bail on myself and feel like a worthless lump of fat.

Off to the trainer….. as if that is better than riding outdoors…… okay it is not, but at least it is warm……. I suck.


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