Gotta go somewhere to ride!

Do I leave the wife at home alone (with a shotgun and several handguns for protection, we believe in the second amendment) or do I STFU and ride here where it is COLD and I am going to be COLD and toughen up my little girls attitude toward the weather. I think my niece is tougher than I am right now, she wants to play outside, me I want to hide in the closet until spring comes.

Headaches have been plaguing me lately, which is not pleasant. Normally I don’t take Advil but last night the skull felt as if my brains were trying to blow out of my ears and force the sutures on my skull to crack open to relieve the pressure. So I took 800mgs. Did it help? No. So I am wondering if my lack of outdoor time has led me to this sorry state of health.

Today I will find out. An indoor trainer or a ride outside will happen today. It must, I feel badly, I haven’t been exercising on a regular basis and I don’t have my normal vim and vigor, so (and because I never get sick) lack of exercise is the culprit.

On the better news front, ummmmm, well I have none. Right now not much good is going on, so next time good news I promise.

I want to go back to GC!!!!!


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