Why is my motivation gone?

Hell, I have no clue.  I feel like I should ride, I feel like I need to ride, but I feel like sitting around the house petting my Willie (that would be my dog of course) is a much better idea.  Maybe it is easier to sit at home petting the little fellow, but personally I think riding would make me feel better.  Headaches and more headaches seem to be the norm as of late.  The likely cause is not exercising, but I am not convinced.  It must be the air around here…..  you know Woodbridge VA is a polluted to no end…. or not.

I am going to eat shortly and then (I really hope so) a short ride.  Two or so hours of complete and total boredom.  Yeah I can’t wait.

Food, food and riding.

Oh one more thing, I go in for a little surgery end of January, nothing to worry about just a little repair and the recovery is supposed to be six to eight weeks!  Hahahahahahahaha, six to eight weeks, hahahahaha, hehehehehe.  I am hoping to be doing a race on the 26th of February.  I hope to not be in any kind of shape and suffer the entire time whining about how much racing sucks, but it is a goal.  We will see.  Two hours…  it is a start.

Never mind the book, that is one handsome guy.


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