that is how far I rode yesterday, not six hours and thirty four minutes, rather six minutes thirty four seconds. Now that is no way to get in any kind of shape, and after that ride (whew it was hard) I purchased a pizza for lunch, and it was actually really bad, Fruity pebbles for lunch dessert and washed it down with a beer. Bad ride followed by bad food is not what I need to be doing. I need to be having bad cold rides that suck followed by eating only the bare minimum to get by until dinner. Not eating three breakfasts followed by a 15 minute ride and having two lunches (really I don’t eat all that much for lunch) and then a huge dinner. So what is in my future?

Well, it holds a change of lifestyle, no really. It is really becoming time to either cut bait and quit riding or at least make an effort to get out and ride on a regular basis. When will this change take place? Honestly, I don’t know. Hopefully soon, maybe Monday, really in needs to be the day for a change.

I know I complain constantly about weather, but it is cold around here, and I mean, at least for me really cold. 50 degrees is okay, but this constant 40 or below is starting to wear on me. Having the clothing for the temperature would help, but according to the averages this place has been about 10-14 degrees below normal, a little drier than normal, but for me way too cold.

So today is a waste, I will not do much of anything except sit here and think about what I need to do to get all hyped up to ride again, because that is what I really want to do, and figure out what my year will hold. I really think a lack of a plan for the year is killing my motivation. The best wife ever will have a big impact on what the summer holds, but hopefully she will only nix about half of what I want to do.

Monday holds a change, it has to, because if it doesn’t my year may be over before it even starts. Positive thoughts and attitude to follow next week, I freaking hope so.

Oh and this is a bit of what has bee killing me.

Flat tire, sucks but we all get them

A freaking hole in my tire, the tire is almost new!

The bike path. Nearly every street crossing is the same, glass, rocks, gravel and salt oh and don't forget the glass.


One Response to “6:34”

  1. Monkey Mike Says:

    Dude…. time to get some commuter tires! I gave up on nice tires a long time ago….

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