Well up at 0600 makes me what?

Productive? No. Rather tired, yes. Why? Well because I went to bed late last night and it is my own fault. But really who can resist trying to finish a game on Xbox. God I need to shoot that machine. To top it off the game froze as the final action began, so I still didn’t even get to finish it. My goal for today, no Xbox, well until after I ride for a few hours.

Speaking of going outside, again, cold and colder. What the hell is going on? I know it is winter, I know it is supposed to be cold, but, jeez. Can’t we get a day over 35 degrees this week, oh and I mean one without winds gusting over thirty miles and hour. You know just a pleasant day. I think not, mostly because I really want a nice day, whoever is in charge of the weather in the cosmos will punish all of the USA to make sure I don’t get good weather. Ask Europe when I was there. Cold winters, rainy springs and non-summer summers and early falls. Yeah for nearly six years. Well Mid-Atlantic states, get ready for the Ed effect, it is in full effect.

Oh and I nearly forgot, why did I actually get up so early?

This is how he looks right now. Sleeping. But at O555 he was wide awake jumping on my head.

As the caption says, he was all kinds of awake at 0555. Well bully for him and not so bully for me. Oh well, the price of continual and unconditional love is getting up a little early and walking the little fellow early sometimes.

I hope to actually manage a good three to four hour road ride today, but we will see how bad the traffic and wind is going to be today. More on that tomorrow? Maybe, if I feel the need to bore the 12 people who looked at this yesterday. I am sure not a one of them read it, but at least they came by and peeked. Thanks.


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