The weekend was pretty good, really

Well aside from the toe breakage at least, it was a good weekend. I hung around the house with the best wife ever (however, she is not currently the best wife ever) and walked the dog a few times a day. Satisfying weekend really. Family time and Willie absolutely going on a stuffed animal rampage. Wish I had pictures his joy of pulling the stuffing out of stuffed critters is unreal. If I had just 1/10th of that happiness in my life would make me as happy as, well, about a 1000 times happier than I am.

We currently have ice covered roads and getting out of the house is hairy situation. Even the walking on the sidewalks is a very dangerous affair. We will be walking once the sun, sun coming out yeah right…. What I meant was, once the grey and dingy sky becomes a bit more grey, dingy and silverish so I can see where I am walking and when I fall and break my back one of our neighbors can call 911.

Riding yesterday was not so bad, as far as the toe went. Not much pain, and really the most pain was putting on the shoe on my slightly swollen foot.

Whatever…. I hate living here and will leave whenever I get a chance.

Oh, saw “True Grit” this weekend, and it is a excellent film. However getting there and getting home was a pain. Forty five minute drive for a thirteen mile drive and getting home was over an hour affair made the film not worth my time. If I ever go to a movie again it won’t be on a weekend or holiday.

It is time to move, the problem is we have two years and a whole bunch of months before the Army will move her…. I don’t know if I can live here that long.


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