Just sitting listening to the rain, and I am happy

NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!! I hate rain, I hate the wet, I hate the way it makes the trails unridable and it makes the little guy, AKA Willie, unhappy. Willie hates rain more than I do, it makes him wet and very unhappy. I can’t figure out why he hates it so much, but I theorize that it make be that his previous owners tossed him out on the side of a road in the rainy weather December a bit over two years ago. We have no clue how long he was out there alone, but we found him and took him. He has been a blessing in a black fur suit.

He does like sleeping on beds, he has his own bed too.

So what does that have to do with me? Well, Willie makes me smile and I have to drag his poor little hairy self out into the rain for a walk. So we will both be wet and a bit unhappy.

It also makes it a bit hard to ride, well at least outside, today. The trainer may be my friend. Well in all honesty, the trainer is never a friend, more like a mortal enemy to be avoided at all costs, but I live in the DC area and getting run over by cars who “don’t” see the 6’2″ dude on a bike wearing a orange jacket is not my idea of a good time. Hell on good days the freaking terrible drivers here buzz me on a regular basis, I guess because they can’t see me…. yeah that orange is really a stealth color. How I yearn for the days of riding in Europe, never a fear of cars running you down, another cyclist was more of a worry.

So this is a bit rambling and pointless but it fully represents my current state of mental affairs. A bit scattered and not fully formed. I keep hoping for a moment of clarity where this part of the world is not so bad for me, but that moment is not forth coming. The area makes me question why and how I ever wanted to come back to the States. Maybe it is just this area of the States, but my feelings are there are just too many cars on the road in the States and way to many people who don’t follow any traffic laws. These people put me in danger everyday when I ride and make me want to leave this country. I know the grass is always greener, but never wanting to be in this area of the country and having really wanted to return to Germany make being here even more bothersome. I need to get over it, but old habits die hard, and I love being unhappy.

On to happier thoughts, uh, I think it might stop raining sometime in the future. I might bake cup cakes and maybe I will ride the trainer.

Yeah the forecast in rain all day, I hate the trainer and really I am pretty bad at baking, I will probably burn everything. That’s it Ed, positive thinking.

All I see everyday anywhere I go.

I love traffic.


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