Well looks like Snotcycle is a very popular search

Too bad this post has absolutely nothing to do with that race at all.

I am going to complain a bit about a local shop and then figure out what I will do for the next two weeks.

So the shop, and for the time being will remain nameless…. maybe. I took in a bike for a complete overhaul, you know chain, cassette, cables, housing, bar tape, and a whole laundry list of other things that needed to be fixed. I can and have done nearly all of that jazz on my own, but in reality I am not as good as shop mechanics most of the time. I think in this case I may be tens times better than they are, at least at not losing parts and putting bottom brackets together correctly and making sure that the bike shifts at least marginally.

The poor bike in question in times when it worked correctly and was worked on by competent mechanics

I picked up the bike about two weeks ago, and due to being very lucky and having very bad weather, I hadn’t looked at it since I PAID IN FULL, 330 dollars for the complete overhaul. Well I put it in the trainer, finally, to check out the work that had been done. Well the drive side crank looked like it was a little off, like the bearing guard (not my name for the thing, but it is the name) was on the outside of the wave spring washer on the drive side…. yeah all freaking wrong in a big way that might actually cause damage to the bearings, causing the front derailleur not to work at all under any kind of actual riding. So, I decide to fix the problem, you know anyone can make a mistake, myself included. It required a 10mm allen key and about five seconds of work, but for some reason the bolt holding the cranks together was very, very very, tight and difficult to get out. My first thought was, “well this sucks, but you know maybe the bike mechanic just over tightened the bolt that holds everything together”. Well after I remove the bolt, I realized right away something was wrong. Washers that used to exist were not there, and the self extracting bolt used to remove the non drive side crank arm was literally impossible to turn therefore making it impossible to reassemble. So what do I do?

I pack the whole kit and kaboodle and took it up the shop where the work was done expecting to have an on-the-spot fix but was (not so) shocked to see the mechanic behind the counter kind of look at me in a surprised manner and asked for a name and number. So what will happen? I don’t know, I do know I want my money back, I want to find a shop here in the greater DC area that doesn’t suck and I miss Frank’s shop in Weselberg Germany Wheelsports that never sent me home with a bike that didn’t work.

Continuing on with my “why the face” moment at the shop, the shop had called me no less than four time to tell me the work was done when it was not done at all, and they had the bike for 5 weeks to do the work correctly.  I have a saying, and I believe the saying because I made it up, “It is just a bike, don’t worry, it’s not real life.” and I try to live by that motto when I deal with shops that disappoint me.  But this place may get on my IT IS MY FREAKING LIFE, because I am really tired of being nice to people who seem not to have any pride in their work.  Who knows?  But one thing I do know, I am looking for a new shop.  Screw ’em.

This is long and boring, and I am sorry, but I need to vent and not at the best wife ever, she has real problems, like having married me.  Hope all is well in the world out there, and my friends in the midwest, be safe the snow is coming.  Drive safe and be happy.  Oh and ride a bike too…  and to the Lobos, you had too much fun without me, I am jealous.


One Response to “Well looks like Snotcycle is a very popular search”

  1. Mario Says:

    Yes the Lobos have much fun without you man! But we really miss you a lot!!! be careful on road traffic….

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