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Just a few pictures and maybe a few words

February 28, 2011

It rained today. It rained a lot today. Not just a little, but enough to make me rethink fenders on my bike. Rain isn’t good for me, it is wet cold and not so fun to ride in.

This is right after the rain began, big drops.

A wet road three and a half hours in.

Me, and I don't look as dirty as I am.

Oh and I forgot I rode the last five miles on a flat tire. I forgot a spare tube and ran over a staple, from the looks of it, from some home improvement project gone wrong. I was very close to the Home Despot.

So Saturday was okay. Cool and cloudy. Just a couple of hours of riding, and I caught one of the people who think trying to run me into a ditch is fun. I just happened to be taking a picture of a house in the valley when the truck pulled up behind me, revved his engine and flew (not at all flying, he made a ton of noise but was all show no go) by me. He wasn’t all that close, but when he revved and pulled out to pass he was less than three feet from my rear wheel. Kind of scary.

I gravel road that eliminates a whole bunch of traffic

Now for Sunday, and we went to the Soldiers Home in DC. Neat place where President Lincoln spent a good deal of time during his time in office. Interesting place and we learned a lot about the President on the tour. I highly suggest going to see it if you happen to be in DC. Now, I hate going to DC, and me thinking the place is worth a trip means it must be pretty okay.

The back of the Soldiers Home.

Airborne all the way!

Honest Abe and a horse!

One last thing, the President rode his horse to and from the White House from the Soldiers Home every day and talked to REAL people. He asked what they thought about the union and what the people thought about the issues of the day. What a different world we live in today.


One late update, and one early

February 25, 2011

Well, I meant to put some jibberish up this morning, but the sun broke through the clouds and I had to make a break. So, yesterday I did a “long ride” for me at the moment. So two hours forty thirty six minutes. No pain in the belly, no pain in the achilles and weak legs. That is good news for the ride, but this morning I woke up with more than normal pain in my achilles. So either I used the calf muscle too much when riding, didn’t do enough eccentric strength training/stretching afterward or I need to find another solution to the problem.

Two solutions exist. One is PRP (protein rich plasma) injections which will put me off the bike minimum six weeks and from what I understand no real exercise for six weeks because I hate swimming. Or six weeks off the bike with no PRP and a lot of eccentric stuff and maybe some kind of ultra sound therapy. So both require time off, and I am not going to give up the time and that looks like I will struggle through this achilles for the season. I am hoping to do a ultra sound therapy and still riding at some point in the near future. It seems the more I ride the less it hurts, damn achilles.

Looking goofy, my forte

I am looking for and finding a few out of the way roads

As the last picture says, I am looking for more and more out of the way roads. I am finding a few, but they are still driven a bit more than I like. At least I am only diving for the ditch twenty times an hour instead of forty. It is an improvement.

So today the rain was supposed to be a all day event, and it wasn’t. Damn weather forecasters! I saw the sun arrive, put on riding clothes and ran out (more like hobbled out) to my road bike and rode for one hour fifty. Not so long, but I needed to go shopping and the longer I wait the worse the traffic and today was supposed to be a day of nothing but Xbox, so the hour fifty was a bonus.

I found a hole in the clouds and had I been Frank I could have had a rain free ride. Frank has a unnatural knack for being able to read the clouds and avoid the rain, when that is possible. So I ran right into rain about forty minutes into the ride and it was windy and big old drops of rain. Kind of like little explosions all over the place. It would have been cool if I was inside and could have heard the rain, not felt it soaking every bit of clothing I had on and bouncing off my helmet like little bitty bombs. Oh well, the rain only lasted about thirty minutes. The last bit of the ride I got back into the hole in the clouds.

It was nice and a bit of rain really isn’t that bad. Next week a real mountain bike ride, you know one with mountains (I hope) and a few more than 15 miles. I will suck, I will crash and I will have fun. It is about time I was released back on a real mountain bike ride. Damn doctors worrying about sutures breaking open and my guts spilling out, yeah like is something I want. Anyway, things are looking up on the riding front, not the quality, but the ability to ride more and I am mildly hopeful. Mildly.

It looked a lot farther away than it was

Good looking cloud

The hole in the clouds. The rain just stopped!

My first ride after surgery

February 24, 2011

Well first mountain bike ride at least. I didn’t ride fast, nor did I feel smooth and the trails were easy, but I will not complain. Fun was kind of had, but i did truly enjoy the trails.


still going

Clear and crisp, pretty nice day

okay, pretty easy, but really fun yesterday

Waiting for the short bus, to move. I don't ride that bus. Often.

Death, taxes and snow

February 22, 2011

I won’t cover death yet, because nobody I know has passed away.

Today was tax filing day, for us at least, and apparently we don’t pay enough on a monthly basis. I mean the best wife ever pays more than the average American salary in taxes and she still owes more. WHY THE FACE?

That puts a big dent in our hopes to visit a good friend getting married in Australia. We would love to go, but in reality wanting to go and being able to afford to are two distinctly different things. So now we are looking at options and letting a friend down may be what happens. It is not a good plan, but…..

Snow again, and it isn’t what is keeping me off the bike, actually it would have been nice to ride today. What is keeping off the bike is the continual need to see a doctor. One kind or another. Not my idea of a good time, but in the long run I hope it pays off. Get the doctor stuff out of the way now so that in a few months I am healthy. Whatever. Me fully healthy? I could be dangerous to myself. Tomorrow is my last appointment for a couple of weeks.

The weather is supposed to be turning better for the long term in the next couple of weeks, so that gives me a touch of hope. Next Tuesday training starts, well something like that. Ride safe.

It has been a week and all I have is pictures, and maybe a few words

February 21, 2011

So I rode just a touch last week. About a 100 miles in four short rides and the wound is healing pretty well. The doc (my surgeon) said week three was good to start some real riding. So I am planning a three hour ride this week and a few shorter ones. Don’t want to jump all up in it and found out I just ripped the wound open. So enough with words okay a few more will follow, but only with pictures.

Trash part 1

Trash part 2

Trash part 3

This is what used to be a bike lane. No more, now it is what????? Still is just like this.

So one last thing about traffic, I took pictures but the pictures just don’t do the reality justice, so I will wait until I get pictures that fully relate the horror! Later and this is the scenery I get to enjoy.

I rode yesterday part two!

February 15, 2011

It was one of the windiest rides I have done, ever. Gust up to 35 or so (50k) miles per hour. It sucked, that and I had just a bit of pain again. Same place as the “pain” as Sunday. I guess that the “pain” is really something called discomfort, because on the scale the “pain” was like a
-1. So what does that mean? Well, as of today, it means I will try again on next Monday just to be safe.

On the other news front, other news being what? I have been devising a training, cough cough, plan for starting in March. That is when I should be able to ride normally. So it includes a bit more riding, two days off a week, and enough time hanging out with the best wife ever to make sure she won’t leave me. Will I put up my plan? Maybe.

Well, more riding and less food is the basic plan. More on that later. Ausila is my model for the plan. I hope I can be as happy as she.

We are Bethesda bound today. Not looking forward to the drive, but looking forward the the best wife ever getting the care she needs. That and going to the Naval Exchange.

Monday can’t come soon enough.

I rode yesterday!

February 14, 2011

It was fun, it was good, it felt good, but it left me with a slight bit of pain in the lower part on the incision. So what do I do? I want to ride today! I really do, but I think I will not go out, mostly because I would rather wait another week and try again rather than needing another surgery. Surgery sucks!

So how long was the ride? Well two short hours and just a hair under 30 miles. Really slow and really short. Oh, and also pretty flat.

I wish I had a freaking camera that would only take pictures of idiots who don’t give me my little bit of road. It isn’t like I am asking for the law given five feet, I just want more than six inches. So three vehicles tried to take me out yesterday, well those were only the ones that were so close that I actually thought I might be getting mowed down. Two trucks, one going way too fast, and one Acura (yeah those are truly some nice looking cars and be sure to note the sarcasm because they are the ugliest pieces of garbage on the road). I am still not sure what the the rush was, but apparently it was very important. I think it was likely a church meeting.

So, no ride today. Maybe. I have a little Willie looking at me like he needs some petting…. that sounds just a little bad. It is this kind of Willie.

This is the only Willie I pet!

Anyway, no ride…. maybe….. maybe I can push it for an hour….. maybe….

It has been a very boring two weeks

February 11, 2011

Thankfully the weather has been pretty cold and not very good, so sitting on the bootay has not been such a bad thing. I mean, if I could have ridden, would I have? Well, yes, some.

Monday is my back to the bike day, and I a thinking it may be a day too late. There is a good little ride planned on Sunday, and how much difference can 24 hours make? A freaking ton. We will see.

Today, Forza Motorsport 2 will be my killer of time! Old game, old man. Seems to be fitting. Ride some, have fun and I will again be defying the death machines on Monday. Back to the same old whining on Monday! Can’t wait.

On the mend

February 8, 2011

I am getting better everyday, which sucks. I want to go for a ride, but the Doctor, not to be confused with the best wife ever, has said no riding for at least another week. Gads. Another week? Well, the good thing is I am feeling like I want to ride and suffer on the bike, no matter the weather. I still haven’t gotten my head wrapped around the idea of driving places to ride my road bike, but it is going to be a fact of life.

So what is the plan for the next week whilst I sit on my going bootay? In fact, I have no plan. For certain I will play a bit of the Xbox, a bit of the watching TV, and a bit of the wishing I was riding. I guess it is a good sign that I want to ride…. Now I hope that lasts until I actually get to ride.

There is a swap meet, bicycle parts, about two hours from here this weekend. So do I waste the gas and look at stuff other people don’t want but want to much money for? The answer is a likely, yes. Why? Well I really want to at least see bike stuff while I am off the bike.

Hope all is well for you person. Here in the NOVA all is as it always is…. kind of not so great, but there are worse places to live…. like the slums of Bangladesh. Oh, I need a picture.

Three hours into a five hour ride

This picture is from two summers ago when I went back to visit Frank for a week in Germany. He promised a three hour ride, no more, and we ended up doing a good five hours…. at Franks training pace, so about 30k an hour the whole time. Frank was taking it easy on me.

Got cut open and am bruised….

February 3, 2011

No riding for another week and that kind of stinks, but in reality I don’t think the trainer, which is what I can ride late next week will really be all that fun. I would like to take a pic of my orange, purple, green, blue and darkish blue belly, but aside from not being sexy it is pretty ugly. No six pack abs here, I have as Franks says, a “wheel barrel belly”. Not my favorite description, but as much as it hurts, accurate.

Hopefully next week I will post just a bit more, but really there will not be much to report other than the color of my belly. Nothing is going on here and I am bored, so that is all folks. Don’t be as colorful as me, it hurts a little. Ed