I rode yesterday!

It was fun, it was good, it felt good, but it left me with a slight bit of pain in the lower part on the incision. So what do I do? I want to ride today! I really do, but I think I will not go out, mostly because I would rather wait another week and try again rather than needing another surgery. Surgery sucks!

So how long was the ride? Well two short hours and just a hair under 30 miles. Really slow and really short. Oh, and also pretty flat.

I wish I had a freaking camera that would only take pictures of idiots who don’t give me my little bit of road. It isn’t like I am asking for the law given five feet, I just want more than six inches. So three vehicles tried to take me out yesterday, well those were only the ones that were so close that I actually thought I might be getting mowed down. Two trucks, one going way too fast, and one Acura (yeah those are truly some nice looking cars and be sure to note the sarcasm because they are the ugliest pieces of garbage on the road). I am still not sure what the the rush was, but apparently it was very important. I think it was likely a church meeting.

So, no ride today. Maybe. I have a little Willie looking at me like he needs some petting…. that sounds just a little bad. It is this kind of Willie.

This is the only Willie I pet!

Anyway, no ride…. maybe….. maybe I can push it for an hour….. maybe….


One Response to “I rode yesterday!”

  1. Spiedo Says:

    Ride ED Ride!!!

    ACURA’s suks

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