I rode yesterday part two!

It was one of the windiest rides I have done, ever. Gust up to 35 or so (50k) miles per hour. It sucked, that and I had just a bit of pain again. Same place as the “pain” as Sunday. I guess that the “pain” is really something called discomfort, because on the scale the “pain” was like a
-1. So what does that mean? Well, as of today, it means I will try again on next Monday just to be safe.

On the other news front, other news being what? I have been devising a training, cough cough, plan for starting in March. That is when I should be able to ride normally. So it includes a bit more riding, two days off a week, and enough time hanging out with the best wife ever to make sure she won’t leave me. Will I put up my plan? Maybe.

Well, more riding and less food is the basic plan. More on that later. Ausila is my model for the plan. I hope I can be as happy as she.

We are Bethesda bound today. Not looking forward to the drive, but looking forward the the best wife ever getting the care she needs. That and going to the Naval Exchange.

Monday can’t come soon enough.


One Response to “I rode yesterday part two!”

  1. Spiedo Says:

    “more riding and less food is the basic plan” that’s my plan to ….. a bit unreal but is a plan…

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