Death, taxes and snow

I won’t cover death yet, because nobody I know has passed away.

Today was tax filing day, for us at least, and apparently we don’t pay enough on a monthly basis. I mean the best wife ever pays more than the average American salary in taxes and she still owes more. WHY THE FACE?

That puts a big dent in our hopes to visit a good friend getting married in Australia. We would love to go, but in reality wanting to go and being able to afford to are two distinctly different things. So now we are looking at options and letting a friend down may be what happens. It is not a good plan, but…..

Snow again, and it isn’t what is keeping me off the bike, actually it would have been nice to ride today. What is keeping off the bike is the continual need to see a doctor. One kind or another. Not my idea of a good time, but in the long run I hope it pays off. Get the doctor stuff out of the way now so that in a few months I am healthy. Whatever. Me fully healthy? I could be dangerous to myself. Tomorrow is my last appointment for a couple of weeks.

The weather is supposed to be turning better for the long term in the next couple of weeks, so that gives me a touch of hope. Next Tuesday training starts, well something like that. Ride safe.


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