Just a few pictures and maybe a few words

It rained today. It rained a lot today. Not just a little, but enough to make me rethink fenders on my bike. Rain isn’t good for me, it is wet cold and not so fun to ride in.

This is right after the rain began, big drops.

A wet road three and a half hours in.

Me, and I don't look as dirty as I am.

Oh and I forgot I rode the last five miles on a flat tire. I forgot a spare tube and ran over a staple, from the looks of it, from some home improvement project gone wrong. I was very close to the Home Despot.

So Saturday was okay. Cool and cloudy. Just a couple of hours of riding, and I caught one of the people who think trying to run me into a ditch is fun. I just happened to be taking a picture of a house in the valley when the truck pulled up behind me, revved his engine and flew (not at all flying, he made a ton of noise but was all show no go) by me. He wasn’t all that close, but when he revved and pulled out to pass he was less than three feet from my rear wheel. Kind of scary.

I gravel road that eliminates a whole bunch of traffic

Now for Sunday, and we went to the Soldiers Home in DC. Neat place where President Lincoln spent a good deal of time during his time in office. Interesting place and we learned a lot about the President on the tour. I highly suggest going to see it if you happen to be in DC. Now, I hate going to DC, and me thinking the place is worth a trip means it must be pretty okay.

The back of the Soldiers Home.

Airborne all the way!

Honest Abe and a horse!

One last thing, the President rode his horse to and from the White House from the Soldiers Home every day and talked to REAL people. He asked what they thought about the union and what the people thought about the issues of the day. What a different world we live in today.


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