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Solar power!

March 31, 2011

How I feel about the mayor complaining about solar panels. Piss on him.

Hey, I get it, I understand solar panels aren’t so pretty, I understand that maybe they aren’t the perfect solution, but we need to do something. The mayor of Ridgewood New Jersey is all whining about solar panels in his town, and I think he should just step himself away from a table and put down the fried chicken and maybe consider that the earth cannot be treated as we are treating it now if we want our children to have a earth worth living on for the next few generations. His solution is to put “multiple units” by the park and ride and that won’t make anyone mad. But I think he is wrong, someone will complain that the panels do something to bother someone and that the panels need to be moved. I am not a crazy clean fuel car freak, or a we need to live frugally so that others may live better but I have lived in a couple of places where they use the natural resources ie wind, solar and water power to much greater effect and it makes the country much cleaner and gives the countries a surplus of energy to sell to other countries. These people really need to pull their heads out of their collective behinds and realize we need to do something. I will type again, put the windmill in my front yard, my back yard, put solar panels on my roof, on my street lamps, at my park and ride or where ever they need to be to make our country a cleaner place. I won’t go onto the amount of garbage that I see on the side of the road and people toss out the windows of cars….. God bless the USA and our exceptionally intelligent, environmentally aware, and world event conscience population. I am an American and proud of my country, just not always the people who live here….

Back to bikes. I am setting out for a little old race today. It will be a couple of days on the road and then getting my booty dropped like a rock at the race and then me wondering why my body seems to not want to go fast anymore and then realizing I am not 25 years old anymore.

I hate that excuse of getting older means getting slower, because I don’t think it is entirely true. It seems as if my last good race was two years ago at Cremona (flat 24 hour race that I will confess I felt really really good while racing and the last year I felt really good too, but that weather was unreal) but in seems after that race I am not able to motivate myself to ride quickly again. This year I will be different, with a bit of luck and motivation.


March 29, 2011

Me, and it looks way harder than the picture shows. Okay maybe not, but I sure thought it was.


March 29, 2011

This place is slowly killing me! Wind is the enemy, and I can’t beat that enemy. I might have to quit riding bikes in the wind. The wind is slowly stealing my will to ride.

The weather people don’t even mention winds under 25mph anymore. They don’t even call it breezy. Man this place needs some windmills here for making electricity, I think they could power all of DC off two windmills…. But these Americans seem to think that windmills would be ugly. Have you seen the suburbs? Talk about ugly, and yes you could put the windmill in my neighborhood, even in my front yard, I don’t care.

So, I am preparing to head out for a spin, on the mountain bike to see if the bike is ready for a race. 60 miles of Arkansas’s best single track or so I have been informed. I will be doing that Sunday and may not post a report at all as I know I will tell my dad exactly what happened.

The Lobos are off to Flanders this weekend, I hope they have fun and enjoy the ride. I look forward to seeing the pictures. Remember all you Lobos, even if your mom isn’t proud, I will be. You will have a good ride and enjoy the time.

I am off, if 15 minutes, after I change clothes. Later folks. (aka Dad)

Today was a good day….

March 26, 2011

While I didn’t “(last week) eff around and get a triple double” I did have a decent ride and only had one guy try to run me off the road. It was just some guy in a bad looking Dodge truck with a Nascar sticker. I knew what to expect from the second I saw him. Oh well, can’t have a day where nobody tries to run me down.

It was cold. Not like fifty below, but like forty two and a bit windy so it was definitely cool. But not as cold as these guys are.

Lots of rules for people who aren't alive

Anyway, just a few more words. I got home in time to avoid the clouds rolling in and the wind picking up, so today I got the good weather. Normally Willie gets the good weather.

What I saw today

A tree lined road

Spring in sprunging!

Feeling better, so it rains

March 24, 2011

Today should be a good long ride, well by good I mean sunny and warm, and by long I mean five hours. But it is, or at least was raining just a few minutes ago. So this means I will be looking outside and figuring out what I will really get to ride today in a couple of hours when the roads dry out.

Soooooooooooooo, how was yesterdays ride? Cold but I felt pretty good. It was the first day in about three days where I felt actually “strongish” (for me) on the bike. The legs are just not what I think they should be as far as ability to get up and over hills and the small mountains here. Well not as fast as I would like. Age? Nah. Lack of time to ride? Nah. Well what is it? I think it is just I am not as fast as I thought I was.

Well I am not really slow, but I am not getting faster, really. I would (gasp) train except I like to ride, not to suffer for hours on end doing intervals and I really find it strange to see a middle aged guy “training” for what? My new pro contract? Yeah, not. I have a few important goals for the year and I ride to accomplish these goals in a reasonable amount of time with the minimal amount of pain. Riding a 100 miles is never a pain free time, but as long as it has a bit of fun involved while I am not coughing up my stomach from over exertion my goals are accomplished.

So, today might be a off day as I really don’t want to have a totally wet behind that is frozen. I also don’t want a road grime covered behind as well as soaked with (still covered) winter de-icing chemical. Oh well, the best wife ever is off from work today, maybe we will do something today. What? I don’t know….

Rain today brings more of these!

Still a bit worn

March 23, 2011

I feel like I just rode over 668 miles in 17 days with two days to relax. So my legs are a bit tired and still sore after one day totally off the bike and two active recovery rides…. so what to do today? Well if I felt like I had good legs, well I have two good legs, but two good feeling legs I would be heading out for a long ride and hoping to dodge the rain that is coming. I don’t have good feeling legs, so I will do another two to three hour ride to try make the old legs feel better. Yeah, old legs.

Not much else to report, just hanging in VA with Willie and the best wife ever, but I am riding and meeting people who ride so maybe life is looking up. Well at least I am thinking I may find some like minded people to ride with, well ride behind gasping for air on new and rocky trails.

I will be leaving very shortly so if you live here look out for the big guy on a bike, and please don’t run me into a ditch, run a red light while I am in the intersection, refuse to give up an inch of your lane while passing me, or honk at me for no freaking reason what so ever. Other than these examples of what happened on my last ride, riding here is great! Off I go,


Riding in Richmond with a friend. Good trails in the middle of the city. Are you listening the Greater DC area?

Waiting for the Willie

March 21, 2011

It is raining, at least it was raining buckets a few minutes ago here in the NOVA. Willie is no fan of the wet stuff that falls from the sky and wishes it would never rain, unless he was inside the house. So when he shows up for the walks we will head out and dodge the rain drops, but in the meantime, I will sort of write.

Friday I and a fellow, whose goes by Allroy online, and I went to Kennedy Peak. Well it was very good, except for the few miles of not being sure of exactly where we were. I got a bit, I don’t know…. quite, for a couple of miles and walked a few parts of trail I could have easily ridden. So, it was really fun and if I go again I will have a much better idea of what to expect and will have a lot more fun, mostly because I will know what to expect.

Fun fun fun


How I felt as we took the 3 mile long descent back to the car. Great trail, bad name. Indian Grave Trail.....


Saturday was a goodish day except for the base model BMW 3 Series that didn’t want to, really I have no freaking clue what he was thinking or doing, give me an inch of road causing me to flat, flatten a rim and get just a bit (really, really, really MAD) irritated. The same schmuck tried to run the Best Wife Ever off the road right behind me on the same road. Jerk, and if this wasn’t read by a couple of actual adults that may or may not (they are) my parents, I would use multiply curse words. Arg!

So today I will be walking, oh right now. Willie just up.

I am tired

March 17, 2011

Yeah, tired. Not the just woke up and need to rub my eyes and have a cup of coffee to shake off the tiredness, but deep in my bones tired. I am day three Gran Canaria tired, too many rides in six days tired, seven rides in six days to be exact. So what am I going to do about that? Well ride of course.

Today has been slated to be a six hour ride for about a week now, and I am trying as best as I am able to stick with the plan. Plan you ask? Yes, plan. My plan is to not be fat slow and out of shape this summer, my plan is to be as healthy as I can be this year and see how that feels and my plans is to try and not look like a 40 year old slightly out of shape guy that rides a bike. Yeah, looking like a sausage in cycling clothes is not a good thing.

Now back to the original plan of six hours, well that may be changed. I may cut it back to allow to really ride this weekend. It seems as though a shorter route is in order. Yes, follow the plan but make it fit me better, that is what I will do.

Plans stink. This plan may be totally changed to suit my needs, like the need to have a tasty milkshake and a huge barbeque meal for lunch. Now that is a plan I can get behind. Barbeque and milkshakes. Of course that could cause other plans to go awry. Like not being a slightly fat guy on a bike looking like a sausage.

Priorities….. yeah, priorities, that is a much better idea than plans……

This is what I will be doing today, maybe not. Maybe I will drink milkshakes!

keep waiting

March 16, 2011

I keep waiting for something new to show up here and am disappointed every morning when nothing new is written, then I realize, I need to write whatever I want to see. Well isn’t that a kick in the teeth?

So the reason for the lack of self promotion and complete lies about what I am doing is I have been riding a fair bit. Not a real pro cyclist riding, because that would be called training. That word is bad, very bad. Training is for people with goals. My goals are simple, finish each race I start.

Other than trying to get a few more miles in, and (heaven forbid) riding a few time with actual (gasp) people, I have been just hanging out with the best wife ever and relaxing with Willie.

I did a race and did pretty okay, I rode in Richmond and it was fun and I followed my planned routed yesterday and found out that my planned called for 10 more miles than I had planned, so all in all a good life.

I am Berryman dreaming!

I will ride there in three weeks, and I really cannot wait. I love that trail.

Rain, rain go away, and come back early next week

March 10, 2011

Let’s be honest, I can’t make the weather better or worse, but I can endure it depending on how bad it is. Today it is not so good at all, it is totally pouring down rain and as hard (I am not) I wish I was I just can’t start riding in the pouring rain. So what is the plan?

It will start with this little bit of typing and then maybe, just maybe, a ride on the trainer. I think it will not happen as I hate trainers and I hate riding and going nowhere. And my trainer is ten years old and very noisy.
Speaking of things that irritate me, stupid Brita filter adds. Who the hell cares how many bottles of water the US drank last year, who cares if your filter takes every mineral out of the water and costs more than the millions of water bottles to recycle. Stupid adds for people who are not able to think. Did you know attached to muscles are nerves? Yeah that is another add that drives me to want to throw things at the TV. Really nerves are attached to the muscles? What do you think make your fingers move, make you breath, your heart beat, your legs move, allows you to walk, talk, and do thousands of others things everyday? Stupid.

I don’t mind the rain, really. Living in WA state taught me a few things, rain may suck, but it is not the end of world. I could do anything I want in the rain, I will get wet but it is not stopping me from doing anything. Gore-tex is my friend.

Oh my legs are tired and I may need a day to relax my legs. Yeah….. whatever, what I need to do is ride more. Hope the weather is better wherever you are, be good and do something nice for someone. I will, it may just be letting someone into traffic or opening the door for someone, but it might just make somebody’s day. Off I go! Where? I don’t know.

Not a great picture, but more signs of spring!