It’s been a week

Well a lot of good stuff happened. I rode. I had fun. I took pictures. I really enjoyed (some of) the decent weather. I got rained on. I rode in a vest and knee warmer. I did wear the rest of the clothes, but no arm warmers, no jacket, and the knee warmers were left over from the morning coolness. So all in all, I had a pretty good week. I managed 15 hours this week, with two mountain bike rides and three road rides. So a good week.

So what else is there to write about? Well, today the weather is just gawd awful and unless I really get motivated I will not turn a single pedal today. It is March, so normally I should get a few good days of riding week. I can write off today as recovery, but….. Well, I don’t feel like I need recovery, I feel like I want a four hour road ride. Maybe, maybe not.

I will be honest, in Germany and Italy and for that matter in Missouri and Washington State I would go for a ride. But for a number of issues, the greatest of which is getting hit by a car, truck or other such fossil fuel powered machine of death I will in all likelihood, stay home.

The anger and irritation I feel for living in this over-populated area of the world is not beginning to wane, but I am trying, and I do mean trying, to find good about living here. Unfortunately I am failing in finding much good, but the more I ride around here the more roads I find that are not choked by traffic. The problem is that I have to still get home and that forces me to ride the traffic choked roads, so it is a quandary. Do I really start driving places to ride, or do I continue with the status quo? I don’t know, but I will keep riding and hopefully find some more fun areas to ride.

The little seen road less traveled

the road more traveled (I have used this before, but I have quit taking pictures of the traffic because there is just sooooo much of it)


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