36 degrees of warmth

These ate the first flowers I have seen on any ride lately

Willie just wouldn't let go of that Monkey

So I am really trying to get myself ready for this ride of mine today. I need a few hours and I need to really get out of the house, but I am really hoping that if I put riding off maybe the rain will come and I can bail without any guilt. Rain? Please?

It is very cold, at least for me, today and any reason not to go out would be good. But, I will make it out and I will be very cold. Enough of the pity party, the Willie is not feeling to well today and we walked a very long time so that he could get “it” all out of his system. I hope it worked, as it was a very long hour and forty five minutes of walking.

As far as anything else good in my life lately, uh, well not much good is going on. I have been riding a fair bit and I think I am starting to ride a little faster, although I am not sure if that is true. Only time will tell, that and a few races.

Enough, I am just typing away trying to waste time in hopes of being able to put off my ride, it is time to get up and get dressed and get out of the door. Give me fifteen minutes and check Skype, if I am online there, I totally let myself down. Get out and ride folks.


One Response to “36 degrees of warmth”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m glad Willie likes monkeys!

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