keep waiting

I keep waiting for something new to show up here and am disappointed every morning when nothing new is written, then I realize, I need to write whatever I want to see. Well isn’t that a kick in the teeth?

So the reason for the lack of self promotion and complete lies about what I am doing is I have been riding a fair bit. Not a real pro cyclist riding, because that would be called training. That word is bad, very bad. Training is for people with goals. My goals are simple, finish each race I start.

Other than trying to get a few more miles in, and (heaven forbid) riding a few time with actual (gasp) people, I have been just hanging out with the best wife ever and relaxing with Willie.

I did a race and did pretty okay, I rode in Richmond and it was fun and I followed my planned routed yesterday and found out that my planned called for 10 more miles than I had planned, so all in all a good life.

I am Berryman dreaming!

I will ride there in three weeks, and I really cannot wait. I love that trail.


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