I am tired

Yeah, tired. Not the just woke up and need to rub my eyes and have a cup of coffee to shake off the tiredness, but deep in my bones tired. I am day three Gran Canaria tired, too many rides in six days tired, seven rides in six days to be exact. So what am I going to do about that? Well ride of course.

Today has been slated to be a six hour ride for about a week now, and I am trying as best as I am able to stick with the plan. Plan you ask? Yes, plan. My plan is to not be fat slow and out of shape this summer, my plan is to be as healthy as I can be this year and see how that feels and my plans is to try and not look like a 40 year old slightly out of shape guy that rides a bike. Yeah, looking like a sausage in cycling clothes is not a good thing.

Now back to the original plan of six hours, well that may be changed. I may cut it back to allow to really ride this weekend. It seems as though a shorter route is in order. Yes, follow the plan but make it fit me better, that is what I will do.

Plans stink. This plan may be totally changed to suit my needs, like the need to have a tasty milkshake and a huge barbeque meal for lunch. Now that is a plan I can get behind. Barbeque and milkshakes. Of course that could cause other plans to go awry. Like not being a slightly fat guy on a bike looking like a sausage.

Priorities….. yeah, priorities, that is a much better idea than plans……

This is what I will be doing today, maybe not. Maybe I will drink milkshakes!


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