Waiting for the Willie

It is raining, at least it was raining buckets a few minutes ago here in the NOVA. Willie is no fan of the wet stuff that falls from the sky and wishes it would never rain, unless he was inside the house. So when he shows up for the walks we will head out and dodge the rain drops, but in the meantime, I will sort of write.

Friday I and a fellow, whose goes by Allroy online, and I went to Kennedy Peak. Well it was very good, except for the few miles of not being sure of exactly where we were. I got a bit, I don’t know…. quite, for a couple of miles and walked a few parts of trail I could have easily ridden. So, it was really fun and if I go again I will have a much better idea of what to expect and will have a lot more fun, mostly because I will know what to expect.

Fun fun fun


How I felt as we took the 3 mile long descent back to the car. Great trail, bad name. Indian Grave Trail.....


Saturday was a goodish day except for the base model BMW 3 Series that didn’t want to, really I have no freaking clue what he was thinking or doing, give me an inch of road causing me to flat, flatten a rim and get just a bit (really, really, really MAD) irritated. The same schmuck tried to run the Best Wife Ever off the road right behind me on the same road. Jerk, and if this wasn’t read by a couple of actual adults that may or may not (they are) my parents, I would use multiply curse words. Arg!

So today I will be walking, oh right now. Willie just up.


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