Still a bit worn

I feel like I just rode over 668 miles in 17 days with two days to relax. So my legs are a bit tired and still sore after one day totally off the bike and two active recovery rides…. so what to do today? Well if I felt like I had good legs, well I have two good legs, but two good feeling legs I would be heading out for a long ride and hoping to dodge the rain that is coming. I don’t have good feeling legs, so I will do another two to three hour ride to try make the old legs feel better. Yeah, old legs.

Not much else to report, just hanging in VA with Willie and the best wife ever, but I am riding and meeting people who ride so maybe life is looking up. Well at least I am thinking I may find some like minded people to ride with, well ride behind gasping for air on new and rocky trails.

I will be leaving very shortly so if you live here look out for the big guy on a bike, and please don’t run me into a ditch, run a red light while I am in the intersection, refuse to give up an inch of your lane while passing me, or honk at me for no freaking reason what so ever. Other than these examples of what happened on my last ride, riding here is great! Off I go,


Riding in Richmond with a friend. Good trails in the middle of the city. Are you listening the Greater DC area?


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