Solar power!

How I feel about the mayor complaining about solar panels. Piss on him.

Hey, I get it, I understand solar panels aren’t so pretty, I understand that maybe they aren’t the perfect solution, but we need to do something. The mayor of Ridgewood New Jersey is all whining about solar panels in his town, and I think he should just step himself away from a table and put down the fried chicken and maybe consider that the earth cannot be treated as we are treating it now if we want our children to have a earth worth living on for the next few generations. His solution is to put “multiple units” by the park and ride and that won’t make anyone mad. But I think he is wrong, someone will complain that the panels do something to bother someone and that the panels need to be moved. I am not a crazy clean fuel car freak, or a we need to live frugally so that others may live better but I have lived in a couple of places where they use the natural resources ie wind, solar and water power to much greater effect and it makes the country much cleaner and gives the countries a surplus of energy to sell to other countries. These people really need to pull their heads out of their collective behinds and realize we need to do something. I will type again, put the windmill in my front yard, my back yard, put solar panels on my roof, on my street lamps, at my park and ride or where ever they need to be to make our country a cleaner place. I won’t go onto the amount of garbage that I see on the side of the road and people toss out the windows of cars….. God bless the USA and our exceptionally intelligent, environmentally aware, and world event conscience population. I am an American and proud of my country, just not always the people who live here….

Back to bikes. I am setting out for a little old race today. It will be a couple of days on the road and then getting my booty dropped like a rock at the race and then me wondering why my body seems to not want to go fast anymore and then realizing I am not 25 years old anymore.

I hate that excuse of getting older means getting slower, because I don’t think it is entirely true. It seems as if my last good race was two years ago at Cremona (flat 24 hour race that I will confess I felt really really good while racing and the last year I felt really good too, but that weather was unreal) but in seems after that race I am not able to motivate myself to ride quickly again. This year I will be different, with a bit of luck and motivation.


One Response to “Solar power!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Good luck Ed!

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