Thinking, not really, but doing whatever it is my brain does

So as I rode along yesterday thinking about stuff, well mostly that stuff was where in the world do I want to move, I came to a conclusion. It was not a happy thought, but I do think it is accurate.

I won’t ever really be happy anywhere. Some places will make me more pleasant to live with, but happy? I am not exactly sure if I have ever really been happy anywhere I lived.

All I am looking for the is the perfect place to live!

So let me kind of explain. The only place I never wanted to leave was Columbia Mo. The reasons for that were that after five years of living in one place, I do think the longest I have ever lived in one place, I had some very good friends in the area, pretty good trails to ride a mountain bike, and decent roads without too many angry driver. It seems that old farmers on gravel roads, for the most part, aren’t in a big hurry and pretty friendly. Missouri also has some great races and it is close-ish to a bunch of great riding a days drive away. I really liked it, I still call it home and one day I really hope to return to live there, but will it be as good as last time? I don’t know yet.

Then there is Germany. I love Germany, well to be honest, I love the idea of Germany. I remember all of my times in Germany fondly and have idealized a whole bunch of my time there. Great beer, good food (IMO) and I have a few really good friends there. If we went back, I have a few guys to ride with that are fun and funny. But Germany is Germany and not everyone wants Americans there. Also, even if the road riding is very safe, and the drivers very understanding of your rights on road the trails are not perfect. In fact a good deal of them are only glorified cart roads from pre-history….. which is very cool, but really not very MTBey. Oh and that weather… winter is winter, spring is spring and sometimes winter, and summer doesn’t always arrive, it does however sometimes disguise itself as spring, which can also be winter, and then there is the fall and fall is sometimes winter. So cold and I don’t like cold. Oh yeah, then there is the rain……

Now for WAstate, well what can I really say about that wet, cold and most gloomy place? I have some really good friends who still live there, it has some of the world’s best trails and it never has a summer. I mean, they have a time that they call summer, but really it is about two weeks when they get only two feet a rain a day instead of five feet of rain a day. Okay, I am exaggerating just a bit, WAstate can be one of the most beautiful places on earth, but the price you pay to see that beauty is pretty high. Yeah, that price is paid in rain. I think you might get that I don’t like rain. That is and isn’t true. I don’t mind rain, too much, but my biggest beef with WAstate isn’t the rain (although you might doubt that by reading what I have typed) it is that it never gets truly warm, EVER. I really just want a nice summer, a few weeks above 85 or so and sunny skies. Is that asking too much? It is for WAstate. Could I live there again, hmmmmm? Maybe, but only if I could escape to California for a week or so every couple of months. I love the trails, I have good friends and the awesome road riding, but……

WashDC, ohh what to say. So far the best thing I can say about here is that there are some good trails within a couple hours drive and that the drivers here are stupid fools who think that they should run cyclist down on a regular basis. No, really they seem to aim for you. I am meeting people and have had some good times on rides, so it isn’t all bad, but getting used to the worlds (nearly) worst road riding, the lack of good trail options close to home and the traffic, I mean TRAFFIC, I am finding it hard to adjust. And what is up with the weather? Wind, wind and wind, oh let’s not forget the rain that seems to come into the area every week and the wind. Maybe I am finicky, but bad traffic, bad drivers, not great weather, trails too far away and really bad road riding do not make a great place for me to live, but would I be happier elsewhere? I must admit there is good food near our house and many things to do, but…..

Now this is all very long and if you read this far, I am sorry to have wasted your time. But this is all been on my mind due to the fact that the best wife ever has an opportunity to move to Kentucky. Would I be happy there? No, but could I me less displeased with my home? Now that I can’t answer. I never seem happy anywhere, and in hindsight, I would truly hate a whole lot of places were it not for the people I ride with, but riding is not everything and I need to find a place where I am at least content. That is going to be difficult, because until I have found enough people to ride with, good trails, decent roads to ride and the hindsight to realize living in certain places wasn’t so bad I will never be even partly content. I need to find somewhere to be content, because always living angry and unhappy is not healthy.


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