What to do?

Too much stuff

Today I have had a good ride, a good walk with Willie, until he went head first into some good smelling (to him) stuff and so far a pretty good day. So how does that happen? I still don’t know how to make my day always better. There must be a consistent thread that makes all my good days good, but for the life of me I don’t know what it is. Really I have had some bad rides on good days and really good rides when I was in a very bad mood, what me in a bad mood? Never! Okay maybe always, but still I have good days, really.

So I guess I will need to keep looking for what makes me happy. And I will be honest, even living here today isn’t so bad. No I am not drunk, or smoked something or done anything illegal, but yeah today I am not unhappy being here. I just hope I can have a few more days like this.

A happy me is a good me. I am off to the mall to return some glasses that aren’t right. I hope the glasses store doesn’t give me grief. Later all, ride a bike today, it makes most days better.


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