Yeah, so I’m not exactly happy

I have had a mixed week. Several good days, where I don’t hate being here, a day where I really want to leave and move to a 1000 acre farm and never see a person again, and today. Well today is a blah day, rain, cool temperatures, and just a bit of wind reminding me that summer is not yet here and spring is still in full effect. Not that the pollen count has let me forget it is spring, believe me!

But that isn’t what has been irking me. I have two complaints. First is easy. I want to do a 200k ride tomorrow, but will pass. Why? Well, I am tired (and I haven’t been to a Brevet in about four months) of seeing my fellow “cyclist” dressed like homeless vagabonds relaying stories of how they found the ill fitting clothes the adorn their bodies with in the trash bin behind the dumpster by the local bargain bin bicycle shop. I hear things like this xxxxxxxxxxl jersey doesn’t fit exactly correctly (looks like a bright pink dress with a green tiger and a upside down misprinted pair of bowling pins on each sleeve) but it only cost four dollars. Money wasted. Dress like you ride, not like you are a broke fool.

Yeah, I used to have to shop from the bargain bins, but I never looked like these people. They bother me, they paint me with the same brush and they make people who drive around here respect my right to the road less. Not just because they dress like clowns, but because they ride like clowns too. Expletive, expletive, expletive. These clown looking cyclists don’t obey traffic laws, ride in four and five abreast on the road blocking traffic and god knows what else. It makes the people in cars who have to pass me later (because even though these clown looking cyclists have finished Paris-Brest-Paris they can hardly finish a 200 in under 12 hours not because they are having fun or just enjoying the scenery, but because they also max out the P-B-P times too as they are barely fit enough to really ride a bike they do have a hard headedness (sp) that I do respect even if I don’t have much for them personally) are all kinds of angry and they buzz me in their cars.

I don’t like that and why do people I will only see for about an hour a day bother me so much? Well, because I will have to deal with drivers they have made angry for about eight hours. So for the next rant, tomorrow maybe, I will tackle single speed racers. Yeah, those guys.

Now this is how a Randonneur should look


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