Still not really happy, but…..

I know why. The pollen is thick, so thick that when the wind blows the air actually becomes yellowish in nature. Not good for me, not good for my car and not good for my riding. So that means I am sniffing, sneezing, coughing and acting all like weak little sissy boy. I like that spring is here, means the summer is coming, but I could do without the tree sex. Those damn trees.

On to other news, riding must increase. Riding has been hard for me for a number of reasons, but it mostly boils down to too much traffic to deal with on road rides. The number of folks on the roads makes me cringe whenever I hear a car come up behind me. Even with gas prices so high, and I had hoped that would cause lighter traffic, the traffic is as thick and angry as ever. Maybe five dollars a gallon would change the number of cars on the road.

I am preparing to head out with the KaiserMeister for a little walk. He likes walking and he still has his winter hair on so we must go early or he starts panting like a crazy fool. Hope all is well in the land of wherever you live.

I almost forgot, well not really, but didn’t think to type about it until now, my frame is done.

Should be a good looking bike with a fattish, slowish rider atop the poor thing. Hopefully I’ll have it this week. If not, early next.


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