A little old ride

On top of Mount Weather!

So I did one of the must do rides here, and it was, likely still is, pretty okay. I had heard it was a death march of doom with the streets lined with the bodies of the dead cyclists whose bleached bones that made the road look like an ivory path to heaven…. Okay, maybe not all that bad, but it is supposed to be pretty challenging. It kind of sort of was.

It was just 55 miles of riding with just a hair under 4000 feet of climbing, so not to bad really. The wind was actually the worst part. On the way out I had a 20 plus MPH tail wind, meaning I had a 20 plus MPH wind on the way back to the city. Along the way I had two grades of a bit over 12 percent and a couple of grades over 15 percent, but those where actually very short and although not exactly fun not too hard.

Another good thing is that I wasn’t nearly killed on the ride, unlike several I have done here in the city recently. I think the gas crisis has just made folks mad, not made them drive less. Not really great for me, but eventually if the gas prices get high enough folks will have to stop driving a bit. To be honest, I look forward to that day!

I am saving my rant about Single Speed racers (kind of an oxymoron IMO) until I am truly angry about something…. Tomorrow, probably.


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