Still no venom for the SSer racer boyz, today, just a bit of ole’ St. Louis

We were back in Missouri for a week and I had a good time, mostly. Except for all the driving. I did a road ride around St. Louis proper and was a bit shocked to see what the city looked like. I can say honestly, I do not remember the city being so full of the homeless and having nearly as many burnt out houses as well as those houses just abandoned. Mind you I was riding downtown, but I have been there before and it was not as depressed as it is now.

I followed just a bit of this

These are how the roads looked, kind of wish they had just left them bricked

Apparently the economic recovery hasn't reached this person

Not the only one, but one of many!

Well half of the Arch

Now I am back in the NO(rthern) V(irgini)A, so life is over as we know it! Okay, okay, not really, but I am going to do a bit more driving to areas to ride. It is just safer and more sensible…. well, safer at least.

Last but not least, I did get my new custom frame and it looks freaking awesome, and I will get pictures up, but I have a few little things to work out before then. I hope I get it all set up and get really happy on the bike. Right now it is a bit different than all my other bikes. I will swap out a few parts, change brakes four or five times and swap out the seat post thirty or forty times and maybe it will be all set up. Give me time….


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