Hey there, I am on the road

I went out for a 3 plus hour ride and only had one real problem with a car. Well it wasn’t a car, it was a Tiger Woods want to be woman minivan, Buick Enclave. Apparently she was worried about having grass thrown on her car, not running over a four ton man on a bike. Otherwise it uneventful. Just a few rollers and not so much stinking wind. Ahh, I still love the wind.

What else to complain about? Eventually I will get to SSer racers…. but I am getting there with my anger. Honestly, I am losing my anger because I haven’t ridden in a race in a long time so until I do race again my Racer Boyz anger will be delayed. Mostly because I am racing this weekend.

I am boring today, and feeling rather tired so that is all.

Getting there with the bike

Oh, yeah almost forgot, I changed brakes yesterday on the bike and am thinking about swapping out stems to shorter her up just a bit. It is getting there, but it does have two problems. One is that a 185 rotor on a King rear hub won’t fit, which means I need a new wheel or use smaller rotors and the other will be addressed in a later post. I think I am looking at a DT Swiss hub…. with a 10mm (I think) skewer looking dealy thing. Anyhoo, I am out of here!


2 Responses to “Hey there, I am on the road”

  1. Mike Says:

    Dude. You don’t need a 185. 160 in the back is just fine. That’s what I use in the back, with a 203 up front.

    From one fat boy to another… : )

  2. scarkinsmel Says:

    Yeah Mike I heard that I need to stop using my rear brake so much and use the front more… get concept, but I never was great at descending. That fear of death thing always got in the way. It is fitted with a 185F/180R. So far it works pretty well.

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